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August 6, 2008

Down in the dating dumps...

Heart_keyMy SPAM emailbox seems to be overflowing these days with messages trying to attract me with subject lines like “Local Sexy Singles” “Love for Free” “Truly a Match” “Real Matching”. On TV, scary eHarmony ads,, No matter where I turn, I feel bombarded by couples in luv and it just makes me want to barf. Or maybe I’m jealous. Hmmm, am I jealous or nauseous??? <Sigh> both.

I’ve been avoiding writing about dating, pretty much because I can report no progress. I guess my Single Speed is gone, baby, gone like my scooter and commuter bike. I don’t even have a “chips passing the night” story from a grocery store encounter over fat-free Pringles.  Somewhere, I went from feeling hot cha-cha to hot chub-chub. There’s not much else to say about that except to remind myself to get over it and get out there again. Waiting for some perfect number on the scale, means waiting alone. Why is this so hard.   


You need a pick me up...and I am going to give it to you! We dont know each other, but I enjoy reading your blog tremendously! It's wierd, but I feel like I am friends with the WWR, as I read all your blogs!!!

You are very entertaining, have a great sense of humor, and seem like much fun! You have done a fabulous job at losing weight and getting into great shape...although you must remember, we all come in different sizes and shapes, and being "thin" isnt a magical thing that brings happiness! Heck, I lost 25 pounds and 3 dress sizes and consider myself to now be fit, and still need to take my anxiety meds to get by each day! Trust me, nothing magical happens when the scale finally lands on "the perfect number". A beautful person to me is someone who is sure of themselves, gives to others, and whose beauty shines from within! Clearly, these are traits you have. My goodness, you travel the world, have great friends, and family, a good job, and out of ALL those applicants, only you and 4 others won the Trek Women Who Ride! You have a blog site, you were on goodness sakes are an amazing woman! And, on top of that, you are very pretty! So, get out there..have some confidence in yourself and knock em dead! Okay...side note...please don't think I am a crazy, stalker person to write that. I am just another ordinary chick who has sometimes needed a boost too and just wanted to pass it on.

Posted by: Jen | Aug 26, 2008 7:07:52 PM

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