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August 1, 2008

Fixer upper...

Servic_areaI came across a neat post by Jason who writes a blog called 100KM The Metric Century via one of my favorite sites, Commute by Bike. Jason lists the seven things that bike commuting has taught him. One thing he's learned is "you don't need an expensive bike to commute and have fun." I wholeheartedly agree. (I miss my Trek 930.)

Last weekend, I stopped by the Revolution Cycles Clarendon, VA store to see if they could fix one of the Speedplay pedals from my road bike -- it keeps falling apart. So, while Ryan was putting a new screw in, I noticed that the customers around me were waiting to either pick up or drop off an older "run-around-type" bike for Service. They were either bikes stashed in the garage for years or ones recently bought used off of craigslist. And more often than not, the person said they wanted the bike fixed up so she/he could start bike commuting. I love that. One of these days, I'll count how many bike commuters I see during my morning jaunt. I would estimate no less than 10 in a two mile trip.

Anyway, the only thing I would add to Jason's list about the things I've learned is the superior feeling you get when stepping in to a crowded a.m. elevator with your helmet under your arm, that says to the world... That's right, I RODE MY BIKE!

P.S. If you haven't already done it, sign up for the Go By Bike Challenge!


Sounds good to me, but I think...It's time for a new bike for you. You have had a tough summer with equipment issues.

Posted by: Trek Sister Marie | Aug 2, 2008 12:08:55 AM

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