Trek Women
August 13, 2008

Let's get loud...

Imix_icon_2 You all sent me some awesome tunes for our Trek WWR playlist!  It took me a few days; but figured out how to make an iMix on iTunes. Go me! Click on the link or if you go to iMix in the store, search for the playlist "Trek Women Who Ride". My new favorite song is the one by Run-DMC. I played it in my spin class this morning and we went CRAZY doing sprint intervals. There are 30 songs total for your rocking and riding pleasure!


Fabulous. don't let this get away before I can figure out how to get it on my I-Pod.
Luv ya,

Posted by: Trek Sister Marie | Aug 14, 2008 11:35:04 AM

It's easy if you go to the iMix, you can hear a 30-second preview, and then click on the button to buy.

I know cause I dropped about $10 bucks while I was putting the list together with everyone's suggestions. Well worth it!

Posted by: Laura | Aug 14, 2008 2:01:57 PM

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