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September 15, 2008

Nuttin' butt...

Img059This photo of a storefront I took last week in NY pretty much sums up my diet of late (well, honestly, this summer). Bad, bad, bad. What is it about being on the road and/or in conferences that drives you from one sugar high to another –- morning Danish, lunch-time piece of cake, afternoon brownie break, dessert at dinner, oh-wait-is-that-a-cookie-I-stashed-in-my-bag midnight snack. It’s exhausting sitting on your butt in one meeting after another. My brain is sore, my muscles aren’t. Now give me some candy.

This morning, I’m a few hours in to a full-on sugar detox and already I’ve had to check myself from thinking about the peanut m&m’s so lovingly displayed in the little convenience shop on the ground floor of the building. See, I’m thinking about them again. I’ve got to stop, I don’t feel good. The pounds I’ve gained are weighing me down physically and mentally. So, today is day 1 of detoxing bad behaviors and in-toxing (?) good, healthy ones again. I’ve got to do it.


Go for it Laura. Sweeties be d*mn.

Posted by: Mom | Sep 15, 2008 10:30:11 PM

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