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September 17, 2008

Shoeless Lola...

Red_heelsLately, I keep losing shoes. On the way home from NY on Friday, I forgot one of my carry-on bags on the parking garage shuttle that contained four of the five pairs of shoes I brought with me. I realized it when I got home and called the airport immediately. Now after 5 days, I’ve given up hope my bag will turn up. I’m gonna miss the strappy red heels the most, they were fierce.*

Then, Monday night, I forgot my indoor cycling shoes at the gym. Thank goodness when I went back last night, they were still there in the spin studio. However, I did discover that I forgot to pack a workout top and had to fork over $12 for the ugliest t-shirt ever. I think I have clothing and accessory ADD.

Anyway, day 2 went all right. After buying the ugly shirt, I decided to try a new class at the gym that seemed similar to my sis, Becky’s favorite Group Groove dance class. I’m not too smooth at choreography, but I felt like trying something new. It was more low impact aerobics than dance-y, but still a good workout.

*Not my actual shoes, mine were sassier.


Hi Laura,

You don't have garage shuttle or forgotten clothing issues -- it's just that the family tendency/gene for misplacing things is just now striking you! Here's a few family highlights.

Your grandfather swore that there was a secret place in our house where all missing things could be found. None of us ever found the secret place though.

I think someone sneaks into my house and moves things just to torment me. Several days or weeks later the lost item turns up where I thought it was in the first place. I've yet to find my passport -- good thing I'm not traveling soon.

After Jen's 30th, Steve, Bec, and I left the bottles of wine we had brought home on the airport monorail. Steve had to keep checking every train that came in to see if the wine was there. He found it.

I left my pocketbook on the seat of the shuttle bus that takes you from the monorail to the long-term parking lots. Cold, dark, and out on the back forty, I climbed off the bus and walked to my car. I looked for my car keys only to discover I no longer had a pocketbook (and keys)with me. Breathless, heart pounding, I hauled my travel-tired body and luggage back across the lots to the monorail bus stop. I didn't know where I had last seen my pocketbook so was about to retrace my steps back to the gate if they would let me. To my amazement, in the first bus I stopped to search I found my pocketbook right where I had left it on the seat, and nothing was missing. In the time it had taken me to hike back to the monorail bus stop at least two trips with other riders had been made by that bus. I couldn't believe my pocketbook was still there. The bus driver took pity on me (must have looked a bit dazed) and drove me to my car. After my exhausting trip, it was nice end it with the kindness and honesty of a few people.

So, welcome to the lost and sometimes found club. Glad you found your shoes.


Posted by: Mom | Sep 19, 2008 8:37:54 PM

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