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October 31, 2008

Am I the loser…

Biggest loser tv My friends and I have been debating the reality of the “The Biggest Loser” on NBC. Not that the people aren’t real or that they aren’t really losing weight. Rather, the reality of a game show where the carrot for weight loss is mega money.

Believe me when I say, you don’t get to weighing 300 lbs by accident or overnight. So when I see contestants dropping 60+ lbs in 6 weeks and utter disappointment when the scale reads only 2 and they consider it a bad week, I want to scream. The message I’m hearing is that if you don’t drop big numbers then you’re a loser (and not in a good way).

Reality shows are all about the drama and in this case, finding out who’s going to make “Biggest Loser History” as the one who’s dropped the most weight in an extremely short amount of time. But is it healthy in the long run for the contestants or for viewers to absorb such an unrealistic expectation of what real-world weight loss should be? Weight really isn’t the problem, it’s all the emotional triggers underneath that I think causes the most damage and that can’t be magically fixed in the length of a TV season. I’m still working on it.

Scream at me all you want – it’s TVeeeee, it's a gaaaaame – but, it’s not. These are people’s lives and their health. One could argue that the contestants are better off now than when they started. They were supervised by a medical staff, nutritionist and the trainers during the filming.

However, I say it’s not realistic in the real world for real people to spend 6 hours a day working out. And, I say the exercises are not always realistic or safe for the contestants at their heavier weights. Will a 300+ woman drop a ton of weight quickly by running? Yeah, I know that. I’m a certified trainer too. But what about the damage to her knees for the rest of her life because of that? What about the guy who nearly had a heart attack because his trainer pushed him too far?

I guess some former contestants were on Oprah yesterday. Let me know if you saw it and what happened. What do you think?

Maybe I’m the sore loser??? I just don’t like to see people get hurt. Healthy weight loss is not a game.


I don't like to see people exploited, or see people set themselves up for more inner batterings. Yea, there's a "winner," and you can argue that since the otehrs are losing weight, even if they're not "winning..."
It still isn't healthy. WHat's with the pathological obsession with Big Money Coming Down From THe Sky?

Posted by: xiousgeonz | Nov 3, 2008 10:09:37 AM

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