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October 28, 2008

She went the distance...

800px-MarineCorpsMarathon2006 Oorah* to my sis, Jen, who ran the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday!!! She’s the first person I know who’s ever been crazy determined enough to subject themselves to the horrors challenge of running 26.2 miles

She and her running partner, Joanna, did GREAT and finished smiling and strong. Jen reports that the only bad part was waiting in line for the port-a-potties (up to 20 minutes once) during the race. I guess when you’re out for a jog with 30,000 other people, it takes a while.


I followed her journey by bike, stationing myself about every six miles to see if they needed more Gatorade, GU, toilet paper and that kind of thing.  Jen’s boyfriend and Joanna’s family and friends popped up throughout the course as well, and, like me, were bundled with supplies, homemade signs and shouts of encouragement. We joked afterwards that whenever we saw the runner in the Kermit the Frog outfit, the girls wouldn’t be too far behind.


At mile 26, I lined up along the road to root for them on the home stretch. Next to me were two, cute little girls waiting for their Mom to pass by. They came up with the best cheer ever – whenever they saw someone looking like they were struggling to make it the end, they would yell in unison, “Keep going, you’re a marathoner!” It brought tears to my eyes to see the runners gird themselves up to make that last push to the finish.


I’ve said this before, but, I’ll say it again – I’m always amazed by the people who participate in events, endurance or otherwise… people of all shapes, sizes and ages. It makes you think, if they can do it, maybe I can??? Hmmmm, thinking about… nope, no desire to torture myself like that.


My sis, Becky, has done the Chicago Big Shoulders 5k Swim twice, I’ve done the Chicago Triathlon twice – Jen, I guess you better start training for next year. Hahaha. I think right now, she’s grateful just to make it up and down the stairs. Way to go, you're a MARATHONER!!!


*Oorah is the Marine’s call/cry of enthusiasm.


Congrats to your sister! My sister and I recently completed our first one-mile fun run and almost DIED!! Afterwards, there was a 5K for the REAL runners. It was one of the most exciting things I've ever witnessed. There's such exhilaration, and for some reason pride, watching the runners get their 50th wind as they spot the clock and give it their all, possibly to beat their own best time!

I think I'll only be on the sidelines, though.

Posted by: Bikerette | Oct 28, 2008 7:05:59 PM

Hi Bikerette - hey, you're a real runner too. Mile 1 is the hardest in my opinion and you did it!!

I'm with you on the feeling of exhilaration and pride. I felt as nervous standing on the sideline for Jen as I was for myself doing the tri.

Before I forget, another funny cheer I heard on the sidelines from an older guy - "It's just a 20 mile warm-up and a 10k."

On a side note - the words "Fun" and "Run" together are an oxymoron in my book.

Have a good day! Laura

Posted by: Laura | Oct 29, 2008 9:18:46 AM

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