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October 15, 2008

The hostess with the mostess...

Trek_bc_aware_rideJen Polo really knows how to throw a party! She hosted an incredible Trek WSD Ride for Breast Cancer Awareness on Saturday at Bucks County Bicycles -- too bad I missed the actual ride part. :)

It's roughly a 3-hour drive from DC to Levittown, PA (north of Philly) that took me about 4 hours to complete between construction traffic, and then I nearly ran out of gas so I had to find a station, then I realized on the NJ Turnpike that I didn't have enough cash to pay the toll so I had to pull in to a rest stop and find an ATM. That's when I called Jen and told her I was going to be late and not to wait for me.

It was so frustrating, but what can you do (besides the obvious of 'be prepared the day before dummy'). Honestly, if it had been anyone but Jen, I probably would have turned around. But, it was the first big event she's planned for the store and I wanted to help celebrate as well as show my support for the cause.

Anyway, I arrived there and everyone was already out riding - Jen lead the 10-miler. I got the cue sheet and thought with luck I might be able to catch up with the group. Jen planned a really pretty route on a paved pathway around a lake. There were folks out in a rowboat fishing and folks strolling and enjoying the fresh, fall day.

I came upon a young family with 3-year-old on a tricyle and immediately thought of my nephew Paddy and how cute he looks in his wee bike helmet. I slowed and gave an early head's up that I was going to pass and they all moved over until the tyke on the trike made a sharp left and veered in to me, hitting me on the leg. Oh lordy, I thought I was going down onto the rocky'ish lakeshore and it was going to be a broken-arm type of hurt. I gasped, the parents gasped and somehow I managed to not fall over. Phew. I kept on riding and while crossing a busy intersection, I dropped the directions. I figured that was my sign to backtrack to the store and call it a day.

Trek_copilot_2 Jen was there and we hung out for a couple of hours, catching up on our goings-on that you can't do over email. She had a delish lunch waiting for the riders to enjoy and then all too soon, she had to head out to catch Cam's soccer tournament and I back to the Hill with the top down and my Trek in the passenger seat.

P.S. One thing we forgot to do is take pictures, hence the recycled ones from last year.

P.P.S. Amy from Team Survivor Tri-State, even though you won't post comments despite the fact I think they would be hilarious, it was a pleasure meeting you.


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