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November 4, 2008

Roll the polls...

Vote button Election day is here at last!! There's an energy on Capitol Hill this morning, an electric buzz that change is coming no matter which candidate wins. (Also, if you're thinking about moving here, there'll be some nice homes up for sale shortly. Hahahaha)

Anyway, in my 10+ years of voting in DC, I've never seen so many people lined up to exercise their civic right. It took my sis, Jen, 2.5 hours to vote this morning. I'm going this afternoon before the post-work crowd.

DC may not have full representation in Congress (taxation without representation, grrrrr); but we do have 3 electoral votes - just like the states of Alaska, Montana, Delaware, North and South Dakota and Vermont. What we do as District residents, counts. And what you choose to do today, counts. No matter the lines, the hassle, the weather, please roll the polls and vote. Be part of history!


Only 1 person in the ESL class that I teach is now a citizen and can vote. However, when the class talked about the upcoming U.S. elections I was amazed at how knowledgeable they were about the candidates and issues. Some good future citizens in my class.

I've been sick all week and the thought of 2 hours waiting to vote was not encouraging. I decided I'd stay in line unless I was going to faint. (Maybe the person behind me would push me along.)Someone was looking out for me because I was in and out in about 6 minutes - no wait at all! So I hope everyone else was as fortunate and went out and voted.

Posted by: Mom | Nov 4, 2008 7:35:07 PM

Yea!!! Good for you Mom - feel better!


Posted by: Laura | Nov 6, 2008 8:41:22 AM

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