Trek Women
December 24, 2008

Seein' red, packin' lite...

Suitcase Oh the malls are a’ frenzy with holiday shoppers galore in search of last minute gifts. I’m out there too with my own shopping frenzy that has nothing to do with presents. I have absolutely no clue what to pack for the New Year’s trip. (Countdown: 2 days)


Always in the days leading up to our departure, I get the fever to find the perfect pair of Euro-worthy shoes, outfits, accessories… I have this vision of myself in a fabulous coat, wearing a chic hat, stylish shoes and that one quirky piece of jewelry sitting in a little café with a quaint view of a park/river/landmark/etc.


And then, I remember that (1) it could get very cold where we’re going. (2) it’s hard to feel chic when you’re wearing long underwear. (3) I just bought an ivory-colored down coat on clearance that is warm as heck but makes me resemble a puffy bedspread. (4) I’m the one lugging the suitcase full of practicality and fantasy.


Yes, despite my annual vow to pack lighter and take only the things I know I’ll use, somehow I convince myself that of course I’ll wear those red stilettos out dancing all night, especially after I’ve walked the city for 10 hours straight. I’ve brought those shoes on the last three NY’s trips and I’ve yet to wear them out. I know I’m going to cave and bring them again. It’s completely ridiculous; but there you go. So, here I am, still shopping and packing everything I own like a crazed wildebeest to fulfill my vision.


And on Jan. 4, as I drag my ginormous suitcase home, which will be further stuffed to exploding with shoes and bags I’ll probably buy, I will tell myself NEVER AGAIN! I will make a solemn vow at the baggage carousel to become the kind of person who travels with a toothbrush and spare pair of underpants. Then approximately 12 months later, I’ll hear the call of the red shoes…


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