Trek Women
December 3, 2008

Take pity on this poor wanderer...

Dalmatian Coast It’s not fair! I’ve received two emails over the past week from Trek Travel featuring staff picks for their favorite cycling vacations. Take me, I want to go!!! There. Anywhere. RIGHT NOW!


Despite how much I travel for work these days, it’s not the same as indulging in wanderlust.  For work, I could be in a hotel in Dallas or Des Moines and it’s going to look about the same. But, to roam the Dalmatian coast or ride the Dolomites – oh, that’s tempting travel bliss. Plus, Trek Travel is offering special rates on European, Winter and North American vacations if you book before the end of the year. Even better, the exchange rate for the EURO is the best in years, so your money will go farther.

I’ve just got to hang on for 23 more days until we leave for our annual New Year’s trip (and I’m not going to tell you where yet). I’ve been practicing my language skills every day and pretty much driving everyone nuts. But they’ll be sorry if perchance they need to say, “the banana is yellow” or “the cat is very fat.” Uh huh, that’s right, me.


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