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December 17, 2008

The last great spin of 2008

This morning, I taught my last spin class until next year – mid-January actually. I’m really gonna miss it. Well, I’m not gonna miss getting up at 5:30 am; but I will miss my regulars and the newbies who drop in. And I’ll miss creating playlists, coming up with killer drills and then watching everyone’s faces when I surprise them in the middle of a drill by asking them to add even more resistance/more speed/or both. I love it!


For the most part, when I figure out my music for each class, I plan what the ride’s going to be like. Some days, I focus more on climbing types of intervals that make you feel like you’re slugging through mud; and other days, I’m in the mood for speed work. Oftentimes, I’ll change it up on the spot because I think it might be fun (challenging-ier) depending on whether I have advanced spinners that morning or new people.


Today, I wondered, wouldn’t it be interesting to change up the drill every 30 seconds. We’d sprint, hit a hill, do some jumps, work some glute isolations and so on. Later on towards the end of the hour, we did it again, but this time each person in class got to pick what she/he wanted to do for 30 seconds. It was a hoot. They were tough.


Probably my favorite part of indoor cycling -- whether you use a bicycle trainer like a CycleOps, have a stationary bike or go to a class -- is that your ride is up to you. The landscape doesn’t dictate now you will climb until you keel over. You do what you can at your fitness level and then do better the next time and the time after that.


I also love it because I can work exclusively on improving my form and technique. I find it hard to focus on my core whilst dodging taxis and tourists. Plus, there’s never a headwind to fight. And, it’s darn near impossible to fall over on a spin bike.


Still, while there’s nothing like a good ride outside for curing what ails you – staying indoors isn’t too terrible (unless you take my class :>> evil laugh).


To Jamie, Deneen, Curtis and Amanda – great job today! You are beasts!!! See you in 2009.


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