Trek Women
January 31, 2009

Good gravy...

I’m back from Little Rock and I did good up until Day 4, then I broke. The gravy made me do it. Our conference (which was a smashing success BTW) was at the CA Vines 4H Center, which is actually in the country outside of Little Rock – meaning, you couldn’t go anywhere. An ice storm, kept us inside – meaning jumping jacks in your room for exercise. The Center is really nice; but rustic – meaning you make your own bed. The meals were served elementary-school-cafeteria-style – meaning, you ate what they were cooking or you didn’t eat. Also, everything featured some form of pork/ham/bacon with gravy on top. It was interesting if not slightly frightening.


I was doing my best to hang in there – I ate my oatmeal, my Fiber 1 bars, huge plates of salad from the tiny salad bar and granny smith apples that I stuffed in my bag from the “Break” snacks (found next to the M&M cookies). But by Day 4, my buzz was getting drowned out by my inner devil voice saying “I'M NOT SATISIFED! FEED ME SOMETHING GOOD!!”


That night, after the conference ended, we drove to a restaurant and that’s when I broke and ordered a gin and tonic with a side of mashed potatoes. And they were good. It’s best not to talk about Day 5 (yesterday) and my arrival home.


BUT – I got up this morning, went to the gym and I’m putting myself back on track and into gravy detox. Well, at least I lasted longer than day 2 – that’s a positive.



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