Trek Women
January 21, 2009

Inaugural home address...

For a year and a half now, I've been sharing stories about what my life is like on Capitol Hill. Yesterday, I was so very proud that my neighborhood was home to the inauguration of President Obama. It's hard to put into words or images, how incredible it felt to be a part of it.

I walked down to the Washington Monument to watch the swearing in and Obama's speech. The rumble of noise of 2 million people chanting O-ba-ma, brought tears to my eyes. It was the pure definition of a joyful noise.

I decided not to go to an Inaugural Ball (saving money for my birthday trip in April). The guys got out of dodge and went skiing, so it wouldn't have been much fun on my own anyway. But, my sis Jen went to one last night. I'll have to get the scoop from her. I told her if she saw John Cusack, she was to put in a good word for me. :)

I wish my photos were better, and frozen hands didn't help; but scroll over the "notes" icon to read a little story about each one.


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