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January 12, 2009

Je t'aime Paris...

P1010215 I love me Paris (a rough translation of the title of this post). Our trip was fantastique despite being one of our coldest so far. It also earns top awards for most cheese consumed, most red wine consumed and cheapest (good) red wine consumed. We rented a four-bedroom apartment in the Marais neighborhood of Paris on the right bank about 3 blocks from the Centre Georges Pompidou and a 10-minute walk to Notre Dame in one direction and about a 15-minute walk to the Louvre in a slightly different direction.

I’m completely convinced that apartment-rental is the way to go from now on. Upside. it’s wonderful having a place to hang out with friends. Part of the fun of each day for each person was to stop at a market and pick up an interesting-looking cheese/sausage/loaf of bread/bottle of red wine that costs under 5 Euros (roughly $7). Only downside, you have to share bathrooms.


Anyway, every night after sightseeing all day, we’d have some nosh and vino, then head out in search of dinner. Our favorite place was a little café called the Station Rambuteau, named after the nearby metro stop. It was tiny with probably 10 tables inside. I think between all of us we tried everything on the menu with our favorites – Beef Bourguignon and Duck Confit – getting multiple orders. After dinner, more vino at the apartment and, well, there was the night of the 2 a.m. crepes with Nutella-run. We went in our pajamas. They were that GOOD!


In the pictures, you’ll see some of the places we visited. Scroll over the “icon” to read commentary. I included lots of photos of the Eiffel Tower because (a) you don’t feel like you’ve arrived in Paris until you’ve seen it, and (b) I literally took 54 pictures of it from all angles at all times of the day. In the meantime, here’s a list of my Paris “shoulds”…

1)       You should go up in the Eiffel Tower at night and stay up there for when it flashes for five minutes on the hour. The top level was closed the night we went; but the second level is high enough.

2)       You should take a boat ride on the Seine and even if it’s freezing, sit outside. It’s pricey for an hour ride; but the best way to admire Paris’ many bridges and get some history. As Wayne said, “it’s very romantical.”

3)       You should eat a crepe every day. My preference is actually the savory crepes over the sweet. Go for the ham and cheese! Nutella and banana is my runner-up. Bonus points for being super-cheap, filling eats.


4)       You should find a small neighborhood café. We do this on every trip. You kind of become a quasi-local when you drop by for a coffee, drink or meal every day.


5)       You should buy yourself something pretty. I treated myself to a purse from a shop off the Rue de Rivoli, it’s very funky. I also bought a refrigerator magnet and a small watercolor from a street artist. No shoes purchased this trip (and for those keeping count, I didn’t wear my red heels either.)


6)       You should promise yourself that you will come back to Paris again, so there is no need to run around like a crazed tourist trying to see everything. I aim for seeing one “thing” per day (museum, castle, etc.) and spending the rest of the day wandering.

7)       You should travel with good people. Thanks Jen, Russ, Wayne, Steve and Bill for a great time!!!





Ooooh...jealous!!! I LOVE Montmartre, great pic! Noshing bread & wine w/ friends - definitely a "good thing!"

Posted by: Rachel | Jan 17, 2009 7:33:02 PM

We never lack for vino on our trips, that's for sure! Despite how much my friends make fun of me for loving the movie "Amelie" -- next time, I'd love to spend more time in Montmartre.

Posted by: Laura Maclean | Jan 21, 2009 10:28:30 AM

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