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January 22, 2009

Procrastinators, get a move on...

If you're like me by nature, you've probably waited until the last minute to write your entry for the Women Who Ride Contest. If you're like me, you're probable inspired by looming deadlines. I didn't earn the title, "Queen of the All Nighters" for nothing. (I would have liked Queen of Soul, but Aretha beat me to it.)

So to my fellow procrastinators, who may be writing their essays at 3 a.m., a few thoughts...

1) Don't do this for the loot. You will put more time, effort and thought into this than is the equivalent of a free bike and a couple of jerseys. You would ride anyway because that's what makes you happy.

2) Think about your journey. You might have one really good bike moment. That's great. What happens next? Think about how your potential readers would be able to follow you along as you try new things, grow, overcome challenges, celebrate and generally kick butt.

3) It's not about riding your bike, it's about your life. If you decide to commit to this, don't try to be "perfect" you - be real you. When I started, I made a promise to myself that I would be open and honest, fat rolls and all. And those non-biking stories were the hardest to write, but also the most rewarding. Those are the ones that you'll get a note from someone saying, "I know exactly how you feel."

4) I'm a Miranda*, who are you? You could call WWR, "Spin in the City" because we're very different characters with very different lifelines. When I wrote my essay, I tried to convey all the stories I could tell - urban, professional, single, late 30s, traveler, lost a lot of weight and trying to keep it off, bike commuter, century rider, training for my fisrt triathlon, spins with Marines... I'm still all of those things nearly two years later. What makes you unique?

5) Make sure you have the time. I mentioned time earlier and I'll say it again. I spend anywhere between 4 and 15 hours a week writing my blog, answering comments, doing activities to write about (like events and visiting Trek dealers) and more. However cool it is to be a WWR, I do take it seriously and treat it like a job with responsibilities to Trek and everyone out there reading my stuff.

6) It is quite a ride. As I approach the end of my time in the WWR saddle, I'm glad I did it. I'm glad I got to know some of you through your comments and to help build this community of riders just a little bit. I'm sure for months to come, I'll still have that automatic thought, "oooh, this would be a super idea for the blog." But, I'm looking forward to reading new stories. Maybe it'll be yours???

You've got until Jan. 24 (this Saturday) to enter. The entry form doesn't give a time, but to be on the safe side, I wouldn't push it to midnight if I were you.

*Reference to Miranda from Sex in the City - red-headed, career-driven, occasionally testy, extremely loyal. Sound familiar?


UPDATE: Hi everyone - I received a few comments that you all are having difficulty uploading your photos for the contest. I let the WSD manager at Trek know - if I hear anything, I'll post an update. Sorry you're having so much trouble - I know it's frustrating. Hang in there and GOOD LUCK!


Please help! I have been trying for the last three hours to enter the "Women who Ride" contest, but the website will not accept my photo. I have tried every which way (reducing photo size, format, etc) but with no luck. This is a great opportunity that I don't want to see slip by. Would you happen to know of an alternative method of entering? Thank you in advance for your help and I love reading your blog.

Shannon K

Posted by: Shannon Kamieneski | Jan 22, 2009 2:54:47 PM

As an individual who has turned the art of procrastination into a career as an editor of an independent newspaper, I of course have waited until the last minute to turn in my WWR application – so your post was rather poignant for me.

As if I haven't learned my lesson before, now I'm experiencing a bit of technical difficulty! I keep getting error messages about my photos, which I believe should be in an acceptable format and an appropriate size; however, I'm getting discouraged.

I'm betting at this point that Trek has, in fact, received my application 18 times already and probably won't read the essay of a crazy person. Or, the glitch will not be resolved in time, and Trek will never get the opportunity to read my essay.

The entire WWR process thus far has had a "What if...?" dynamic, and now, I'm starting to feel that perhaps it's a "not meant to be" experience. I guess I just have to relish the fact that even if I'm not selected as one of the next Women Who Ride, I will always be a woman who rides.

In closing, I don't expect you to assist me in resolving my procrastination perils, but thanks for providing me a forum to vent about it.

Posted by: Allison Vroman | Jan 22, 2009 5:34:36 PM

looks like you had a great view!!! I am looking at the pics and thinking I am glad I watched it on TV lol That is way to many people. The part the boggles me is that as adults we peoeple dont pick up after themselves.

Posted by: Barbara Cloninger | Jan 22, 2009 10:06:29 PM

lol I love how honest you are. I started riding last spring I have lots of friends who ride and are centry riders boy they annoy me sometimes lol, but in a good way. They got me into the local MS-150 ride here in Oregon for the Portland Chapter. My work has its own team that goes to the ride and we had a ball!! So, I went and rode the 60ish mile ( give or like 9 miles I think it was almost 70) the first day and almost 30 the next. The people were great and cant wait to do it again.
I did apply and am nervous I will be getting a lot of alone time with my bikes since my work is taking me out of Oregona dn away from my family for 3 months, Oh and the this yrs MS-150 ride. So, we will probably create something on our own, since the century riders won't let me not ride lol.
Good luck with everythign this year,

Posted by: Barbara Cloninger | Jan 22, 2009 10:18:47 PM

Well...I'm not an US Resident, so I cannot enter the contest.. but bicycles have been a really important part of my life since I had the first one... a long time ago...
With my first bike I learned how far away (from my parents house) I could go, and how was far to go back home.
With the second one I learned how was good to go downhill with no hands on the handlebars - and with my litle brother on the back sit!
And each time I went out with my bike was a new world in front of me: each time going further.
My bikes were with me all the times...
With friends, university, trips...
And helped me through many difficult steps.
They became so important in my life that one day I gave up my carreer and decided to start working in the bicycle world.
The funny thing is that just some time after I started working with bikes I took my drivers license (with 33 years, and just to be able to keep working for the bikes...) - and then I could realize how it's good when you can do every thing without a car!!
Well, sorry about telling you all that!
I just came back from another holiday cycling trip with friends (my vacations!)- we left home with our bikes and painiers nd cycled 400km to my aunts house - and after reading about the contest in your blog I could see again how important it is.
What I really want to say is that bikes are my passion and I'm really happy that you Womem Who Ride can inspire many people that don't know how riding your bicycle is magic!!
Thanks a lot!!!
(and sorry about my english!)

Posted by: Vania | Jan 23, 2009 8:31:12 AM

Hi ladies,
thank you for your comments and telling me about the technical difficulty. I'll let the folks at Trek know right now! Also, (though they'll probably hate me for doing this) if it were me, I would call Trek HQ at 1-920-478-2192. The receptionist is very nice and can direct your call. Hopefully, they can figure it out or give you an email address to send it to.

Now, don't get discourged and get a "it's not meant to be". This "contest" is not a reflection on you - you're fabulous and you know it. Positive thoughts!!!

Funny story, when I entered the contest, I kept telling my friends that I was going to be picked. I had this feeling. The guys thought I was insane and probably wished I would shut up about it. And then when it was taking so long, I figured I wasn't selected. Three days later, I got the call and here I am.

Posted by: Laura Maclean | Jan 23, 2009 10:23:56 AM

Thanks for the help on the trouble with entering.
For four days I kept getting the message that there was a problem with my photos. I resized them seceral times and according to the properties they were well under the 350k.

Posted by: Danielle | Jan 23, 2009 2:21:52 PM

Danielle - I seem to remember I had that problem too when I entered the contest. I couldn't tell if my photo went through or not. All that tech stuff is over my head.

Anyway, there's a back-up plan in the post above to email Krista. Let's hope she's got a big email memory. :)


Posted by: Laura Maclean | Jan 23, 2009 3:43:59 PM

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