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February 5, 2009

Get even crankier...

Cranky2 Holy buckets everyone, I looked at the calendar last night and realized the sappiest day of the year is nearly upon us - Valentine's Day. ugggh. And that can only mean one thing - it's time for the Cranky Cupid Spin-a-thon2.

Since anti-V-Day falls on a Saturday, it's messing up my schedule to host another 3-hour Spin-a-thon at the Marine Barracks. But, I'm thinking I might just do it partially in spin class at the gym and partially on my trainer. The only rule of the Cranky Cupid Spin-a-thon2 is just to be one of millions (or someone besides me) riding your bike on Valentine's Day.

I won't even make you take the anti-Valentine's Day Pledge (I pledge to turn my nose up at candy that comes in heart-shaped boxes, fuzzy pink teddy bears that you get for free if you buy 3 cards at Hallmark, balloons that say "you're still the one" and play music, and ice-cream-color-dyed carnations.)

C'mon everybody, let's get Crankier this year!!


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