Trek Women
February 26, 2009

Trek on the lose...

Tuesday night, I had just gotten home from the gym and microwaved a bowl of black beans and rice for dinner to chow while watching the Biggest Loser and simultaneously skimming the new Pottery Barn catalog (I’m on the lookout for a turquoise-colored lamp shade).


I know you’re thinking, wow Laura, what an exciting life you lead. We also somehow got on the mailing list for these strange old-people catalogs selling stuff like hernia devices and bunion remedies. But, those don’t have lamp shades. Anyway, I digress.


Back to the BL and this week’s challenge – a 24-hour spin-a-thon with each team trying to load the most miles on a Trek FX!! Neat idea. It was also the longest challenge in BL history. 


But, I have to admit that I had some cringe-worthy moments watching the bigger guys ride too small of a bike frame. And where was a WSD, hello? No wonder they were all hurting by the end. Not changing the seat height alone would have tortured me. The only thing I can think of is that the show’s producers told Trek they were only going to have the 2 bikes for the challenge.


Well, the happy ending is that all of the contestants are going to get their own custom Trek. I hope they love theirs too!


February 23, 2009

Have a nice day...

I think my post today will be kind of like my spin class this morning – I’ll just make it up as I go along (if you would like to play along at home… song of the day is The Rockafeller Skank by Fatboy Slim).


#1: Ankle is healing nicely – thanks everybody for your comments and I’m sorry if the photo grossed you out. I’m not ready for Step or high heels yet; but, I have no problems riding.


#2: Things are progressing nicely at the ol’ WW (weight watchers). I’ve dropped some decent lbs and I’m starting to feel more like myself.


#3: I haven’t gassed up my car since December. Just about the only time I drive instead of bike or walk is to go to Target or the airport. I’m almost to the “E” though.


#4: Actually, I can’t think of anything else interesting today. I’m in a nice spot at the moment. Hope you are too!

February 16, 2009

Cupid gets his revenge...

Hi everybody, hope you had a happy Cranky Cupid day. I did a spin class and rode on a stationary bike at the gym for about an hour afterwards til my iPod ran out of juice. Kind of boring compared to last year's 3-hour-spin-a-thon -- but my gym gave out free t-shirts, so that was a bonus.

Later, my sis Jen and I saw He's Just Not That Into You - surprisingly, there were a lot of couples in the audience, which sounds like a pretty horrible film to see on Valentine's Day if you ask me. Hey honey, let's go see that movie about men's relationship jedi mind tricks and why I turn myself into a complete nutball trying to guess why you do the things you do. Who among us hasn't become OCD waiting for the phone to ring. I can't decide if the movie left me feeling hopeless or hopeful that it might work out in the end.

I was still pondering that question while taking my usual Sunday morning Step Aerobics class yesterday. With my mind half on a rewind of previous relationships - which shouldn't have taken that long - I missed the step and fell backwards, wrenching my ankle (on the plus side, my abs were strong enough that my head didn't thwack the floor and no broken bones). And then I figured out how to ride my bike home with one leg. Well, at least it's better than wiping out going 18 miles per hour. I hope I won't be sidelined for long.

Foot big

February 8, 2009

Anti-valentine's day cranky pledge...

Open hearts I have added what's-her-face, Jane Seymour, to my ant-Valentine's pledge after seeing her ad for the Open Hearts necklace a bazillion times already. Is it me, but I don't think it looks like hearts. It looks like worms. And while I was riding my bike this morning, I thought of another one. So, here is my pledge to date...

I pledge to turn my nose up at candy that comes in heart-shaped boxes, fuzzy pink teddy bears that you get for free if you buy 3 cards at Hallmark, balloons that say "you're still the one" and play music, ice-cream-color-dyed carnations, Jane Seymour worm jewelry, and terms of endearment like cuddle monkey or schmoopy biscuit.

Anything you'd like to add?? Send me a comment with your anti-Valentine's Day irritations

-- 6 days until Cranky Cupid Spin-a-thon2

February 5, 2009

Get even crankier...

Cranky2 Holy buckets everyone, I looked at the calendar last night and realized the sappiest day of the year is nearly upon us - Valentine's Day. ugggh. And that can only mean one thing - it's time for the Cranky Cupid Spin-a-thon2.

Since anti-V-Day falls on a Saturday, it's messing up my schedule to host another 3-hour Spin-a-thon at the Marine Barracks. But, I'm thinking I might just do it partially in spin class at the gym and partially on my trainer. The only rule of the Cranky Cupid Spin-a-thon2 is just to be one of millions (or someone besides me) riding your bike on Valentine's Day.

I won't even make you take the anti-Valentine's Day Pledge (I pledge to turn my nose up at candy that comes in heart-shaped boxes, fuzzy pink teddy bears that you get for free if you buy 3 cards at Hallmark, balloons that say "you're still the one" and play music, and ice-cream-color-dyed carnations.)

C'mon everybody, let's get Crankier this year!!