Trek Women
March 27, 2009

Take it outside...

Spring tree Ahhhh Spring. Achoooo! Not even the layer of cherry blossom pollen covering me from head to toe will keep me inside this weekend. Unless it rains, which will wash away the pollen and stop the sneezing. So, that wouldn’t be too bad. But I’d rather go outside.


I’m not the only one – my friend Nancy who works for Texas Parks and Wildlife sent me a link to this article from Southern Living Magazine “7 Reasons to Get Outdoors.” They are what you’d expect – increase energy, boost Vitamin D, reduce stress, family fun, burn calories, have fun and swap the gym for open air. The “have fun” reason talks about the carefree fun of biking and the photo shows a couple riding their Treks! Did you know, you can burn up to 30% more calories doing the same physical activities outdoors than in the gym? I didn’t.


Anyway, I got to thinking – what are the reasons I like play outside? Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:


1)       It smells better

2)       It’s free

3)       Tons of new activities to try and challenge myself

4)       Spend time with my friends

5)       People-watching (check out cute guys)

6)       It gets me away from refrigerator temptations

7)       I just feel better!


Why do you like to go outdoors?

March 12, 2009

Green machine...

Recycle light bulb At work, I’m on the Association’s new Green Team (GT) – our mission is to look at our office practices and figure out how we can do a better job of reducing, reusing and recycling. So, we’re looking at things like our paper and energy use and we’ve also talked about transportation. Nearly all of my co-workers ride the Metro (because who in their right mind would pay $20 a day for parking and sit in traffic for an hour) and we’re good about carpooling to events and whatnot.


One idea that we considered was purchasing an office bike if people wanted to ride during the day to go to a meeting or pick up lunch – kind of like what Congress on the House side offers staff (Trek Limes). But, we realized the cost and maintenance would be outside our GT budget, a bummer.


Got any cool, cheap ideas that you’re doing to green your workplace?

March 2, 2009

No ridin' today...

Supreme CourtI was kind of hoping that we'd get a snow day today. But, alas, here's a snap from my walk to work past the Supreme Court. I'd say we've got about 6-8 inches on the ground. It was too slushy and slippery for me to want to bike commute; but I did consider digging out my snowshoes. Picture that image of me in my down coat/bedspread trodging down Pennsylvania Ave. Maybe I'lll do it tonight under cover of some darkness.

Anyway, I felt bad for the people standing in line to get a glimpse of the Justices in action. It was particularly frigid on that street without buildlings to block the wind.