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March 27, 2009

Take it outside...

Spring tree Ahhhh Spring. Achoooo! Not even the layer of cherry blossom pollen covering me from head to toe will keep me inside this weekend. Unless it rains, which will wash away the pollen and stop the sneezing. So, that wouldn’t be too bad. But I’d rather go outside.


I’m not the only one – my friend Nancy who works for Texas Parks and Wildlife sent me a link to this article from Southern Living Magazine “7 Reasons to Get Outdoors.” They are what you’d expect – increase energy, boost Vitamin D, reduce stress, family fun, burn calories, have fun and swap the gym for open air. The “have fun” reason talks about the carefree fun of biking and the photo shows a couple riding their Treks! Did you know, you can burn up to 30% more calories doing the same physical activities outdoors than in the gym? I didn’t.


Anyway, I got to thinking – what are the reasons I like play outside? Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:


1)       It smells better

2)       It’s free

3)       Tons of new activities to try and challenge myself

4)       Spend time with my friends

5)       People-watching (check out cute guys)

6)       It gets me away from refrigerator temptations

7)       I just feel better!


Why do you like to go outdoors?


Ok, you are 100% correct doing stuff out side is awesome, but it's been sooo... cold.

OK you I have a big question for you, do you remember the date that trek will let us know if we are to be a winner of the "women who ride" contest? I thought it was by this weekend and I just know that they are gonna pick me lol. I was on vaccation this week and I have been dying to know if I truly did get picked.
thanks a bunch

Posted by: Barb | Mar 29, 2009 10:52:09 PM

Hi Barb,
I hope you had a nice vacation!!!

The next Women Who Ride - you know as much as I know at this point. I haven't heard a peep from the folks at Trek since early January. (which isn't unusual at all)

I know for us "Season 1" girls, we got our phone calls about a month and a half after the contest application said that Trek would pick the bloggers. I wouldn't worry about it, I'm sure they're just behind schedule.

Cheers, Laura

Posted by: Laura | Mar 30, 2009 10:51:58 AM

Why do I like to go outside?

1. It's the quickest way to feel like a kid again.
2. Getting vitamin D from the sun is more fun than from a multi-vitamin.
3. The natural light is more flattering than the artificial bulbs in the gym.
4. I have better talks with my son outside than in front of the video games.
5. The cycling, of course!

Posted by: Ann Jasper | Mar 31, 2009 1:20:55 AM

Thanks let them know I'm waiting for my call lol!!
Thanks again,
Vaccation was nice we left Montana before they got 2 ft of snow WHEW!!!

Posted by: Barb | Mar 31, 2009 2:09:11 PM


Up to 30% more calories burned outside than in the gym? Wow! I didn't know that. Does this apply to spinning / cycling too?

Posted by: J L C | Apr 5, 2009 2:05:27 AM


I was checking out Chesapeake Cycle and Sport, a Trek dealer in Havre de Grace, MD when I spotted these blogs by various women and just started reading each...anything to do with biking and the outdoors grabs my attention. At any rate, I got to yours and found myself smiling, chuckling, and nodding my head more often than not and wanted to say nice read, overall. Good Luck with this endeavor and congratulations on sticking to your diet and exercise routine. I will say the trip to Little Rock was pretty annual vacation to Emerald Isle NC brings about the same thoughts...comfort food of that level and quality (or lack thereof) makes me feel like hell. Sure its good going in but once its there the energy level is just sapped (most likely because your body is working overtime to digest all the calories and fat). Well, like I said, it was a good read.

Thank you,


Posted by: Eric | Apr 5, 2009 10:19:27 PM

Hi everybody!

To JLC: I wonder if you took a spin bike outside if you would indeed burn more calories??? But, I think whether you burn more calories in say a one-hour period spinning vs. cycling outdoors probably depends on you and the ride you do. If you're outside and you can get your speed up, attack a couple of big hills, etc, you'd burn more I would guess.

To Eric: thanks for your comment! I'm glad you enjoyed reading my stories. So did you buy a bike??

Posted by: Laura | Apr 6, 2009 9:49:27 AM

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