Trek Women
April 27, 2009

My heart will go on...

Hi everybody, I had a great time in Switzerland with the guys and as usual I have a bad case of post-passport depression that I'm not sitting outside at a little Euro cafe having an afternoon weiss bier and maybe a wurst - instead of sorting thru 300+ emails clogging my inbox.

Switzerland 262But, while I catch up and get organized, I thought I'd share with you possibly one of the best trip photos I've ever taken. Russ, Wayne and I took a boat ride from Rapperswil, Switzerland to Zurich on Lake Zurich one afternoon and this fellow was standing like this on the first class upper deck for ages with his hair blowing in the breeze and contemplating something deep (my theory is his lost lady love). I kept waiting for him to thump his chest like Celine Dion and break into the Titanic theme song. He is the Swiss King of the World (or at the very least, Lake Zurich). Loved him!!!


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