Trek Women
May 12, 2009

Spinning thru Trek's web...

Swiss Trek Site Every once in a while, I take a spin through Trek's web site to see what's new and happening. I've been following the release of the sweet, new designs for Lance's, Levi's and Alberto's race bikes produced by the Project One team. I'm also a fan of the Document Trek. Unscripted two-minute film series, now up to episode 5 and I regularly catch up on the "King of the Mountain" and "Life in the Bike Lane" blogs.

But, the other day as I was clicking aimlessly, I realized at the bottom of the page, you could change your country and language. A whole 'nother world opened up!

On the french site - the FX series of bikes are led by the headline "Urbanité" (urbanity) and the french blog "Trek Backstage" has tons of cool photos and videos. On the Dutch site, there's a funky little news article about a new wax figure of Lance in Amsterdam's Madame Tussauds, dressed in Astana gear. It wasn't until I visited the Swedish site that I found out that the Equinox is now painted a screaming orange (my fav) and there's a grouping of commuter bikes called the Nordic Line. In Germany, there'll soon be a new Trek store in Munich.

It's fun to see what's out there and practice my language skills, which get a little rusty. Plus, it satisfies my wanderlust just a bit until I can see the real places in person once again. 

May 7, 2009

I'm gonna get a free t-shirt...

WABA bike day Who loves free stuff? I do!! I love free stuff almost as much as I love free breakfast. And I'll get some of both at DC's official Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 15th!

Are your calendars marked and tires pumped -- next week is National Bike to Work Week and there are events happening all over the place. You can see if your neck of the woods is having one here:

This will be my 3rd year participating in DC's Bike to Work Day and it's a lot of fun riding the streets with hundreds (thousands?) of other riders. There will be 26 pit stops in the area, where folks who are new to bike commuting can join a "convey" into the city. Plus, there's food, drinks, giveaways, raffles and the coveted 2009 Bike to Work Day tee.

Let's hope for fair weather since it's been raining every day here for over a week.

*Artwork is from DC Bike to Work Day poster

May 1, 2009

Why you drive through Switzerland...

Swiss Drive The views!

Until you come to a spot in the "highway" that is blocked by avalanche snow that still hasn't melted - realizing you are only 5 miles from where the road splits, then realizing you're going to have to drive 2 hours back from whence you came and and another 3 to detour thru alpine switchbacks in the dark to your destination with your best friends as company and strangely enough, a country-western music station on the radio.