Trek Women
July 20, 2009

Where it ends...

Head shot I’ve been thinking about this blog for a couple of months now and I’ve had a hard time figuring out how to say goodbye to everyone who has been kind enough to read my stories over the last couple of years. So, first – THANK YOU. When all is written and done, you made this experience worth my while.


To my amazing family: my Mom, Jen, Becky, Steve, Paddy, Maddy, Katie, Aunt Beth, Pat and Phil D. – and my fabulous urban family: Russ, Wayne, Bill, Eric and the Siebers – THANK YOU for letting me write about your lives too (and post photos even when you thought you looked horrible in them). I love you with all of my heart.


I’ve never been good at ending things and right about now I wish I had some inspiring parting words of wisdom to leave behind; but I’m not much of a philosopher. Keep trying, keep exploring and be kind to yourself – that about sums me up.


And while my particular ride with Trek Women Who Ride is over – I know something else that is even more exciting, scary, illuminating, challenging and wonderful is waiting around the bend. Take care.


All my best,





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