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October 31, 2007

Bike Fashion

Halloween_005_2 Halloween_006

Bike fashion is quite an important factor to consider because I was brought up wearing gloves, hat and garter belt to church.  During that particular "era" the garter belt was worn out of sight.  These days, they are prettier and more fun to show off, especially the red ones.   

So, I was wondering, about those bicycle jerseys; Some have cartoon characters, some commemorate races, some are good to wear on Halloween.  Lori-Anne was wearing a great jersey today for Halloween, and of course I thought of the Blog as a way to put my questions out there.  Is there an issue about these special printed jerseys?  Can I wear any jersey I want?  What if someone comes up to me and says, "Yeah, like you rode for the Discovery Team."  Wait a minute, what a great idea and conversation technique.  I'll take the opportunity to give my storyline about Trek, as well as handing out a few posters, and then ask "Will you please take my picture"?  They will either be willing to continue the conversation or they will be pedaling away at warp speed. 

Oh well, it's a generation thing.  We were always concerned with the proper attire and image projection.  I will be glad to hear that those things don't matter anymore.  Every man for himself when it comes to the jerseys.  I don't care what we wear, just...

Come Ride With Me      

October 30, 2007


Broken_bikes I was hoping that Title would capture your attention.  Bicycle Maintenance Clinics can sound rather mundane, expecially to those that know all about the inner workings of the bicycle.  I, rather find it misterious and intriguing almost to the point of being sexy.  Oh, stop it Marie, the only thing sexy about breaking down with your bicycle would be the rare chance that someone like (You fill in the blank) would stop and want to help you.  That will be another story at another time. 

Anyway, when I stopped by Jax Bicycle Center the other day, I noticed they had flyers about their maintenance clinics.  I jumped on this right away because I need to understand the whole concept of maintaining my beautiful equipment supplied by TREK.   I guess it's more than just straping the bike on the car.  Here is what they are offering: 

Clinic 1: 

  1. Tire/Tube Service and Bicycle Cleaning
  2. Wheel Removal and Installation
  3. Tire and Tube Installation
  4. Proper Bicycle Cleaning and lubing.

I will attend these clinics and report to you on my findings.  I will also take pictures and I bet I will find some humor as well as knowledge in the experience.  These clinics will start in November and continue through January.  Stay tuned and in the meantime.

Come Ride With Me 

October 29, 2007

Postcards From The Edge

Every week I try to summarize my bicycle experience and think about the things I need to change or improve about the experience.  I try to be realistic about my goals and what I can and expect to accomplish.  One thing I know, is that I am anxious for our ladies bike ride club to get off the ground because a few of my issues will resolve themselves just as time progresses.  Strength and technique is a big issue too and Coach Mary Daubert has suggested a bicycle trainer system to set up at home.  She has already told me about many ways this can help.  My summary:

  1. Sometimes it is a challenge to find a passerby to document my bike ride in a picture. 
  2. I love to ride in solitude, it is wonderful to listen for the sounds of nature. 
  3. When I am alone, nobody will see my mistakes. (good thing, bad thing)
  4. The ride home in the car is rather boring because there is no discussion of the day's ride.
  5. I need more knowledge about bicycle mechanics.
  6. Strength, strength, strength.

I Promise to report progress, change or improvement in all these areas.   


Come Ride With Me


October 25, 2007

A Week Of Firefighting Heroes

14425922_240x1801Well, just as all areas of the United States have their problems with the weather, we too are experiencing problems this week.  Indirectly connected to the weather, are the Southern California "Wildfires".  While there are so many heartbreaking stories, there are just as many stories of strength, spirit and perseverance.  We all have our challenges in life and my heartfelt wishes go out to these families that have been affected.  This is a very sad time and it's hard to understand especially when some of these fires have been intentionally set.  It's not as if life doesn't hand out enough challenges. 


Not only do we have ash covering everything outside, the air is acrid and thick and the sky is Brown.  It reminds me of the l960's and beyond when California had the worst air quality in history.  This is a temporary situation and a minor inconvenience compared to the people that have lost their homes this week.  I have learned from many cycling friends, that this is not the time to ride.  It is bad for the lungs, eyes, skin and the spirit to ride  under these conditions.  This too will change in a few days and we will be back on the path. In the meantime, it's back to the gym. 

Come Ride With Me. 


October 24, 2007

It's Time...Xceptional

21dz9whrgl_sx130_sy165_1 OK my friends, here I go with another adventure.   Our generous friends at Timex have sent me a Heart Rate Monitor.  While this is a very exciting tool, and will be quite useful and fun to use, opening a box of crackers at my age has been known to represent a challenge.  Anytime there are three books of instructions, I know that I have a high class piece of equipment.  My son in law gave me a tip once and said anytime you buy something new, jump to the "quick start manual".    I always do that now and save the other reference material for later. 

This monitor has a great sporty look that I would wear all the time; it's very cool.  Oh, I know, I just can't wear it, I need to put it to work.   

I have a new connection to tell you about in Mary Daubert.  She is  a wonderful Angel that Trek has sent into my life.  A Coach, Trainer, Dietician and Registered Nurse.  While you will read "All About Mary" and her own personal accomplishments in the future, I just wanted to plant a seed out there about this mound of wisdom and information that will be coming forth from Mary, ie. the Heart Rate Monitor.  She will be helping me with that and I will be sharing the information with you all.  Thanks again Timex and Trek for making this all happen.  My promise is to share as much information as I can.  Knowledge is power and joy multiplied, when shared.  Wow, it has been a busy week so far.

Come Ride With Me.      

October 23, 2007

My Own Little "Moat"

Bruce_6_16_7_179Everything is in that trunk; well almost everything, it's only big enough for one grandson at a time; Jack Bove. To be specific, I carry a Gym Bag, Bike Bag, Dance Class Bag, work briefcase, Bike Helmets, etc.   I decided sometime back that it would be helpful if there was a place for everything and everything in it's proper place.  I felt that the best philosophy was to have everything ready at all times so I could hop on the bike and take off on a whim.  The problem is my trunk is actually a little "moat".  I have space around a useless lump that represents a place for the gas tank.  Some automobile engineer decided that gasoline is more important than my baggage.  When I picked out this car I didn't care a bit about bikes; well maybe a little.  I have managed to climb the hurdle about the bike rack, but this trunk is really small.  I will welcome some suggestions about what would be a reasonable compromise.  Something sporty, something roomy, something safe in Southern California traffic and something that a surviving widow can afford on a somewhat squeeky salary.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?  I am amazed that I am considering a different vehicle in order to live a new lifestyle.  That is not  necessarily any different from the guy at work that traded in his lady magnet car for a van after he had three children in two years.  I don't know if it was George Carlin or Jerry Seinfeld that said "Life is just a series of dogs".  I think we can say "Life is just a series of cars".  We keep making adjustments as our life makes adjustments for us.

Come Ride With Me.   

October 22, 2007

Foot Fetish or Shoe Envy

Thumbnail4 Whenever I am lucky to be surounded by seasoned riders, I can't stop myself, I am sneaking quick looks at their feet.  I want to see how many are wearing the clip on shoes; the Real Shoes.  Well, some people are not as curious about the shoes as I am and don't get the "Envy" thing.  Maybe it goes back to something I am supressing from childhood about dancing lessons.  My mom wanted my sister and I to be ballet dancers.  I am sure she thought we would attract a premium husband if we were of the refined breed.  Of course we both wanted to be tap dancers.  The desired effect was to project a "Snazzy" image that would attract attention of the colorful kind, forget refinement.  Yep, I think that is where it all comes from. I just plain love the shoes and the sound they make when everyone is walking about in them. My sister is due to visit for the holidays and I cannot wait to introduce her to the shoes.  This may be as close as we get to "Tapping" but in the meantime I'll get my sister to join me and we will have a story and pictures (finally) of us on the bikes. That might be just the motivation I will need to slip into the shoes and clip into the Shimano pedals.   Come Ride With Me

October 19, 2007

"We are all Sisters"

Heidi_and_i_2 I have made a new friend with Heidi from JAX Bicycles.  It's time to face up to the fact that this bicycle career can only go so far without making some connections. 

Heidi and I hooked up this weekend at the Trek Breast Cancer Awareness ride.  Here is someone who has expressed faith in what I can accomplish.  She has made several suggestions and can make possible  some wonderful opportunities for me to take advantage of.  I watched her work that crowd putting smiles on faces filling hearts with confidence and she didn't care about any other issues.  Her career and spiritual calling is to inspire, and she is damn good at it; she has "lit" a fire under me.  If you need some inspiration, go visit one of these stores.  JAX is very lucky to have her working through their bicycle program.  I feel that going forward, when I am feeling stalled, I will give her a call and she will get me re-directed.  Thank you Sister, stay tuned for this girl to bloom.

Come ride with me.

October 16, 2007

My Workout Partner

Bruce_6_16_7_361 This is my best girl friend and workout partner, Kathryn.  We have several things in common to include motherhood, and being single.  Although there is somewhat of an age difference (do ya think!) between us, we have managed to find support and comfort with each other and we seem to celebrate our friendship on a daily basis.  Kathryn and I need each other to get things done.  The big issue most of the time is getting to the gym a few times every week.  When one of us doesn't want to work out, the other "kicks butt" and or plays the guilt card.  Whatever it takes, we do it and it's working.   Our time to talk and share is when we are on the eliptical machines.  You should see us race up the stairs so we can get two machines together.  By the way, I am working on Kathryn about bicycle riding, and I am making progress.   Come Ride With MeBruce_6_16_7_358_2

October 14, 2007

It's All Awareness



Cancer Awareness is such a passion of mine, that I could talk about it for hours.  Saturday, October 13, Trek held their 2nd annual Breast Cancer Awareness ride.  I viewed this day as a Celebration; strangers coming together on a rare rainy day to bring awareness to the importance of early detection and research.  Don't think for a moment that all this research about breast cancer will not go forward to find a cure for all cancer.  All cancer needs a cure and that is my message; to be out there for all of us. 


There was a lot of love that was generated when we all got together today, fueled by the Energy from those who could only share the day with us in "Spirit".  When the day was done, I felt that we were strangers no more.  The young adults representing JAX Bicycles were gracious, helpful and a lot of fun.  Everyone did a first class job welcoming all the participants and I want to especially thank Heidi McKinster for making me feel very special.  She has certainly set the bar for holding a first class event.  Also, kudos to TREK for the great visability that they bring to Cancer Awareness. I met a lot of great people that can help me further my biking experience.  As a matter of fact, I am joining a group of "Women" on Thursday night for a fun ride.        Come Ride With Me