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November 15, 2007

Can we call it a "Club"?

Mechanical_bike_training_002_2Well, we did it.  A small group of  new acquaintances, got together for an evening of bike maintenance and training at the JAX Bicycle Center in Fullerton, California.  If we did it once, is it officially a "Club"?  Well, the way I look at it, we will probably all meet up again for more classes somehow or somewhere; so I am going to officially name the club "Club Care".  I love clubs, It signifies a fellowship about a passion, and that's a beautiful thing.  Hopefully I will never get stuck by myself because this is what I learned; well this is what they showed me, and I am sure they will have to show me a few more times. 

  1. Wheel removal, which I performed on a beautiful "Red" Trek mountain bike
  2. Tube removal, JAX gave us a set of tire levers
  3. Tire patching - don't forget to let the glue dry first before placing the patch.
  4. Tube installation, starting with the placement of the valve
  5. Tire installation, which requires some strength from these computer weary hands.
  6. Proper bicycle cleaning and lubing.  I stepped back and offered to take pictures. 

Many thanks to JAX Bicycle Center in Fullerton, CA for hosting the class and a special thanks to my bud Nathan Burke.  He was a great host and a very patient instructor who really cares for the well being of all bicycles no matter what color or speed.

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