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November 27, 2007

Hearst Castle - Road Trip Part 3

Jlmcaliforniahearst20castle1 It sometimes amuses me that I have lived in California all my life and there are still so many areas left to explore.  I am about to discover another new location; Hearst Castle.  Because Gold Leaf Gauche has never been my style, well maybe a little in the 70s, I never really had any urge to rush up to San Simeon to visit the Hearst Castle.   But because today the timing was right and I was in the company of my two light hearted girl friends, we all were up to a visit, even though they had experienced the castle before.  Cayucos_077

As we traveled up the coast through the fog and rain I was wondering if that would put a damper on the experience.  As I found myself gathered with several others, in a "Garden" from another time and era, the fog and rain showers made it rather mysterious and intriguing.  As we walked from room to room, it was as though the spirits of the past were milling about with all the excitement of days gone by; a tight clique of celebrities meeting to hang out together.  Even if you never visit the castle, look on the website; it's facinating history of one man's empire.Cayucos_007

There was no bike riding up by the castle, and you cannot drive your own car up there, so on the way back to Cayucos, we stopped along the way to ride a little bit, It's a beautiful part of the California coast that is still open land for all to enjoy.

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