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November 23, 2007

I'm Not Here

Images61 Hi there,

I'm not here today.  My sister came to town and we are in line at the shopping mall in order to get the best bargains ahead of everyone.  I cannot speak for the rest of the states, but in Southern California people would rather camp out at the malls  than cook a turkey dinner.  We are actually not that extreme but managed to get some shopping out tof the way on Wednesday night.  Again, the malls were packed and I wondered why everyone wasn't at home cooking like I was when my children were young.  I can say this, Thanksgiving should be about connecting with people.  If it's over a meal that is great.  If it is over a table of sweaters that are on sale, that is OK too.    I hope you all had an opportunity to share time with someone special this weekend.     Remember, this is just the start of a very hectic season; keep your priorities in order, don't feel guilty to say no thank you once in a while and plan a gesture to feed your spirit.   

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