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November 30, 2007

Cross Town Rivalry and A Family Secret

Usc_vs_ucla This weekend is big for college football and California is no exception.  Our flavor of the day is UCLA vs. USC.  For 15 years I was a season ticket holder and part of a "Band of Buddies" that could be classified as pofessional tailgaters.  The weekend we played our cross-town rivals took on even more meaning and we pulled out all the stops.  Our faire included linen tablecloths, fresh flower arrangements, Eggs Benedict, champagne and candelabras on the tables. It was not unusual for us to be on the evening news.

One of those years we were unable to attend the game because my daughter Gina picked that weekend to get married.  I couldn't believe it, and she couldn't believe that I couldn't believe it.  No worries, the whole family was sitting in the front pew of the church during mass where we had worked out an elaborate code with hand signals.  Her little bother was monitoring the game with earphones and he was in charge of scoring updates.  This is spilling the beans to Gina and Ed who have now been married eight years.  They are very happy and have two wonderful little boys to complete their family so I am hoping they won't be angry as they read this deep dark secret.

I have mentioned before, nothing stays the same and that is OK with me.  I have all these great fun times to look back on.  This year I will be riding my bike on game day, but for sure I will be rooting for my team; can you tell which team is my favorite?

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November 28, 2007

Stopping By to Say "Thank You"

Cayucos_146_2It dawned on me that I have been remiss about something very important.  I want to take this time to thank everyone that has responded to my blog with the most generous comments that I could ever imagine.    When I began this expedition I had initially thought of only MY personal growth as the ultimate goal.  As I started to get more and more comments from my readers, I was so inspired  that they too were finding motivation, possibly from my age, possibly from my experience level (none), or possibly from that fact that I was a hopeless women who had no intention of continuing her life after the death of her husband; but who found a way to turn it all around. 

I am here today (rather teary eyed) to tell you I have not only grown closer to my friends, but I have also developed  some really fantastic relationships with people that were nowhere near my life a few years ago.  Soon I will start introducing you to people who I have been communicating with and people that have entered my life, supporting me and my lifestyle.  Some of these acquaintences are people that have carried their comments over from the blog website; and we all share a common interest in "The Bicycle".  I certainly don't have the answers to all of the questions that I am asked but somehow Inspiration and Support is really what most everyone is looking for.   

Know this my friends, feel free to ask my anything.  I have seen it all and experienced most of it.  Some I brought with me, some I left behind.  If there is anyway I can soften a day in the life of "you", I owe it to you all to make that effort and pay you all back for your support.

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November 27, 2007

Hearst Castle - Road Trip Part 3

Jlmcaliforniahearst20castle1 It sometimes amuses me that I have lived in California all my life and there are still so many areas left to explore.  I am about to discover another new location; Hearst Castle.  Because Gold Leaf Gauche has never been my style, well maybe a little in the 70s, I never really had any urge to rush up to San Simeon to visit the Hearst Castle.   But because today the timing was right and I was in the company of my two light hearted girl friends, we all were up to a visit, even though they had experienced the castle before.  Cayucos_077

As we traveled up the coast through the fog and rain I was wondering if that would put a damper on the experience.  As I found myself gathered with several others, in a "Garden" from another time and era, the fog and rain showers made it rather mysterious and intriguing.  As we walked from room to room, it was as though the spirits of the past were milling about with all the excitement of days gone by; a tight clique of celebrities meeting to hang out together.  Even if you never visit the castle, look on the website; it's facinating history of one man's empire.Cayucos_007

There was no bike riding up by the castle, and you cannot drive your own car up there, so on the way back to Cayucos, we stopped along the way to ride a little bit, It's a beautiful part of the California coast that is still open land for all to enjoy.

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November 25, 2007

Making A List, Checking It Twice

I have a busy week ahead of me. 

  1. I am starting week 4 of my training with Mary Daubert (Coach Mary)
  2. Christmas shopping and all that implies
  3. A scheduled bike ride with a new friend.
  4. Planning our company Holiday Party - the invites are in the mail
  5. Composing new Blogs
  6. Going on a field trip to a very special bicycle business (more later)
  7. I have two appointments scheduled at car dealers
  8. Non blog communicating with new acquaintences
  9. Chores, chores, choresIst2_2523241_miss_santa_checking_he

The list goes on.  Operative word here is "List" and this is a good time to start making those lists and checking them twice. It's very satisfying when you can cross off items and  add a few new ones.  I am by myself, I have no help keeping up my home and fullfilling comitments etc; it's just me.  Although in my opinion everyone can benefit from lists, it's my secret to getting everything done on time.  Someone once said, "If you want to get something done, give it to a busy woman"  Yeah, you go girls, and then,    

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November 23, 2007

I'm Not Here

Images61 Hi there,

I'm not here today.  My sister came to town and we are in line at the shopping mall in order to get the best bargains ahead of everyone.  I cannot speak for the rest of the states, but in Southern California people would rather camp out at the malls  than cook a turkey dinner.  We are actually not that extreme but managed to get some shopping out tof the way on Wednesday night.  Again, the malls were packed and I wondered why everyone wasn't at home cooking like I was when my children were young.  I can say this, Thanksgiving should be about connecting with people.  If it's over a meal that is great.  If it is over a table of sweaters that are on sale, that is OK too.    I hope you all had an opportunity to share time with someone special this weekend.     Remember, this is just the start of a very hectic season; keep your priorities in order, don't feel guilty to say no thank you once in a while and plan a gesture to feed your spirit.   

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November 21, 2007

Cayucos - Road Trip Part 2

Cayucos_063 We made it! and our friend Susie was standing on her deck as we drove up.  It wasn't easy parking on that hill with the boat load of stuff we had packed.  Jeeez I hope the emergency break holds. 

After unpacking we took the all new to us, Tour de Cayucos.  This town lives up to its motto, "The Town That Time Forgot".  Nestled in a quiet cove on the California coast the cottages do not match the ever popular red clay tile roof line we are used to seeing.  All the houses in this enchanted little town are different in color, shape and size.  Just down that road behind Susie (in the pciture) you can follow that around and ride the coast line into their quaint little town.  How quaint you ask, so quaint they have not one, but two Saloons, Antique stores galore and just as many bicycles as cars; my kind of town, just like Manhattan. 

Cayucos_021_3 By now we have reviewed our agenda for the next few days and tomorrow we are off to San Simeon to visit Hearst Castle.    Along the way we will visit the famous Elephant Seals, almost prehistoric by nature.  It's a long way and we will be traveling by car; but those bikes will always be with us along our adventures; just in case we want to stop and ride a piece of the coastline. 

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November 20, 2007

Guru Or Gigolo

20071120083021921_0001_3As a single woman I have to be careful about the men that come my way.  I have a list of criteria that usually eliminates everyone.  No it's not designed that way on purpose; well maybe it is. 

  1. Will my life be better if he is in it?
  2. Is there something new that I can learn? 
  3. Does he see the finish line with me?
  4. Does he like children and animals?
  5. Is he health conscious?
  6. Does he ride a bike?
  7. Does he respect Lance Armstrong (Again, more material for another story you wouldn't believe)

That is the first of a very long list of which I will postpone sharing right now because it really doesn't matter; I am not shopping for a man.  It doesn't matter if I am in love with someone right now or not.  What is important is that I have stuff to do and unless I can comfortably share all of the above, it's not a fit.  One thing I have learned along the way, nothing in life stays the same but "change" so if you know me, you know I am open to whatever life puts in front of me.  If it sticks, it's meant to be. 

All my younger readers,which is just about everyone, know this;  Be open to new experiences but don't work too hard looking for them.  Your life is ready to show itself to YOU.  Put on those Rose-Colored glasses and take a look.  He's probably right in front of you.

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November 19, 2007

"It's not me, it's Mary"

Grigson1Take a look at this female specimen of strength, condition and good health; no it's not me it's Mary (Grigson) Daubert my personal trainer.  I am entering my third week of the program she has designed for me.  I must admit that I experienced a bit of a meltdown while reviewing my training program today with my California guru Bruce Bell; another specimen of strength, condition and good health. (see below)

I just don't think I get it about Spinning, which as I understand it, is when you are actually at nirvana with you leg cadence.  This week will be the hardest week of the month by design to ease off next week.  I don't have a problem with any of the exercises to complete and I can certainly go through the motions of the bicycle trainaing.  For lack of a better example, I just haven't seen the "light" go on.

This is not meant to come across as negative, but I just want to express this bicycle business is not easy and I have my hands full here. I just wanted to ride my bike around town and look what I got myself into.  I write 4 blogs a week about my life and bikes, I have all this wonderful equipment supplied by Trek and their sponsors, I have Bruce helping me by supporting everything that Mary maps out AND I have Coach Mary helself in my corner to lead me down this bike path.  I think my conclusion is that I am going to succeed in spite of my lack of self confidence and I am not sure how to handle that.    I think I see aBruce_6_16_7_096nother Finish Line in the future. 

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November 17, 2007

Don't Leave Home Without It - Road Trip Part 1


So Kit and I packed up the car and we were on our way; after stopping to inflate the tires, I mean the tires on her Chevy Tahoe.  We had so much stuff with us it was hilarous because we can't seem to "leave home without it". 


Although I am getting better about packing, I feel as though I must Be Prepared for anything WITH everything.   What can I say but once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout.  I actually was fortunate enough to meet Lady Olave Baden Powel back in 1955.  Her husband founded the Boy Scouts organization and she was Chief Girl Guide.  I know, I know,that is another story but I love reminding myself just how old I really am; it's a great reality check.  OK, so where was I, oh yeah, we weren't sure if we were going to be able to close the doors on the car.  So we started off on our 4 hour Road Trip.  We had plenty to catch up on and discuss from soup to nuts and wine to family, and we WERE able to close the doors on the car. 

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November 15, 2007

Can we call it a "Club"?

Mechanical_bike_training_002_2Well, we did it.  A small group of  new acquaintances, got together for an evening of bike maintenance and training at the JAX Bicycle Center in Fullerton, California.  If we did it once, is it officially a "Club"?  Well, the way I look at it, we will probably all meet up again for more classes somehow or somewhere; so I am going to officially name the club "Club Care".  I love clubs, It signifies a fellowship about a passion, and that's a beautiful thing.  Hopefully I will never get stuck by myself because this is what I learned; well this is what they showed me, and I am sure they will have to show me a few more times. 

  1. Wheel removal, which I performed on a beautiful "Red" Trek mountain bike
  2. Tube removal, JAX gave us a set of tire levers
  3. Tire patching - don't forget to let the glue dry first before placing the patch.
  4. Tube installation, starting with the placement of the valve
  5. Tire installation, which requires some strength from these computer weary hands.
  6. Proper bicycle cleaning and lubing.  I stepped back and offered to take pictures. 

Many thanks to JAX Bicycle Center in Fullerton, CA for hosting the class and a special thanks to my bud Nathan Burke.  He was a great host and a very patient instructor who really cares for the well being of all bicycles no matter what color or speed.

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