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November 19, 2007

"It's not me, it's Mary"

Grigson1Take a look at this female specimen of strength, condition and good health; no it's not me it's Mary (Grigson) Daubert my personal trainer.  I am entering my third week of the program she has designed for me.  I must admit that I experienced a bit of a meltdown while reviewing my training program today with my California guru Bruce Bell; another specimen of strength, condition and good health. (see below)

I just don't think I get it about Spinning, which as I understand it, is when you are actually at nirvana with you leg cadence.  This week will be the hardest week of the month by design to ease off next week.  I don't have a problem with any of the exercises to complete and I can certainly go through the motions of the bicycle trainaing.  For lack of a better example, I just haven't seen the "light" go on.

This is not meant to come across as negative, but I just want to express this bicycle business is not easy and I have my hands full here. I just wanted to ride my bike around town and look what I got myself into.  I write 4 blogs a week about my life and bikes, I have all this wonderful equipment supplied by Trek and their sponsors, I have Bruce helping me by supporting everything that Mary maps out AND I have Coach Mary helself in my corner to lead me down this bike path.  I think my conclusion is that I am going to succeed in spite of my lack of self confidence and I am not sure how to handle that.    I think I see aBruce_6_16_7_096nother Finish Line in the future. 

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