Trek Women
November 17, 2007

Don't Leave Home Without It - Road Trip Part 1


So Kit and I packed up the car and we were on our way; after stopping to inflate the tires, I mean the tires on her Chevy Tahoe.  We had so much stuff with us it was hilarous because we can't seem to "leave home without it". 


Although I am getting better about packing, I feel as though I must Be Prepared for anything WITH everything.   What can I say but once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout.  I actually was fortunate enough to meet Lady Olave Baden Powel back in 1955.  Her husband founded the Boy Scouts organization and she was Chief Girl Guide.  I know, I know,that is another story but I love reminding myself just how old I really am; it's a great reality check.  OK, so where was I, oh yeah, we weren't sure if we were going to be able to close the doors on the car.  So we started off on our 4 hour Road Trip.  We had plenty to catch up on and discuss from soup to nuts and wine to family, and we WERE able to close the doors on the car. 

Come Ride With Me      


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