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December 5, 2007

The Long And Winding Road

2145035bicycles_a_short_car_along_3 One more thing out of the way and crossed off my list. I am so excited because I purchased a new vehicle this week; how do you like it?  The salesman guaranteed that I could fit all the bikes inside without having to remove any wheels.  Not being an engineer I find it fascinating that the tires on my bikes exceed the tire sizes on my new red bug.    Thanks to my reader participation I took all the suggestions I received and designed my own prototype.   No longer do I have to go home first and unpack the bikes, I can zip into Starbucks or Macy's  and not worry about anyone tampering with my equipment.  I thought about the color I wanted and even though "Red" is a Man Magnet, I felt the risk was worth the payoff.  One more thing, it fits in my suitcase.  It's so efficient, it's almost "Green" but it didn't come in that color.Images38

So, I am ready for anything now and the possibilities are unlimited.  If I want to take anyone along or if I plan a real long trip, I found that the pictured trailer is available to rent on a weekly basis.  I'll post more real pictures next week.

Come Ride With Me.   


You got that car? The little tiny red one?
and the bikes fit?


Posted by: liz | Jan 8, 2008 4:56:57 PM

Actually they didn't have any red available. I had to settle for the silver pearl. It's a beautiful thing.

Thanks for connecting with us Liz.

Posted by: Trek Sister Marie | Jan 8, 2008 5:46:57 PM

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