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February 12, 2008

"Blind Date" Part 2

31806lert1 Here we go again, rolling down the road.  I was able to keep up with these two ladies pretty well. There were only two places that I slowed down; both on a hill climb.  Part of the problem is that I am uncertain how and when to shift my gears as I approach a hill.  If I shift down too soon, then I sit there and spin but I don't go anywhere.  If I shift a little later, it's too late.  I admit I need to work on my shifting and I dream of getting that trainer for my bike, so I can master this technique.   At one rare point in the day's ride the girls were approaching me from behind, they said "Marie, you need to raise the seat on your bike.  Your legs are going to start to hurt".  "Going to?" I said.   So as they passed approaching a hill, I screwed up my shifting and dropped my chain.  (You gotta love how I keep trying, even though I look so pathetic trying to learn this stuff basically on my own.)

So the girls are now out of sight, over the hill and there I stand suddenly looking way up into the face of a this "Stud".  "You need to raise your seat" he said,  "OK, anything else?" I said sheepishly.   "Let's fix the chain", he offered, "I know how to do that because I had a triple once."  I am beginning to quiver wondering about the triple he had with chains.  Don't worry, by this time I know it's all about the bicycle.  So he gave the pedal this magic jerk and the chain was back into place.  Oh my gosh, this just gets better.  Then he said, let's check the seat.  "Get on the seat", and he straddled the front wheel.  Now I have seen a picture of Krista Rettig doing this in our training book, but, sorry Krista, this was worth writing 100 blogs.  Anyway, isn't it nice that there are people along the way to help you. 

As I rode up the hill Arlene and Doreen were waiting for me very patiently.  "I made it, I said with a big grin.  This bike riding is really fun." We finished our ride and promised that we will do it again.  Thanks ladies for taking me along..

Come Ride With Me.    


Gosh, the only studs I see on my rides are the ones on my tires. You're having 'way too much fun out there :) :)

Posted by: Sue | Feb 12, 2008 2:45:26 PM

Hi there,
Don't forget I am closing in on 61 and all the males look like studs. No kidding, he was a Stuuud... Maybe it's the "help the old lady across the street" thing. See there is something for you to look forward to. :)
Thanks for your comments.

Posted by: Trek Sister Marie | Feb 12, 2008 8:02:16 PM

Good work picking up hotties along the way! I am so jealous. I'm gonna have to try the old "drop the chain" move. Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky you fox! Nice work! Did you get his number?

Posted by: Susan | Feb 12, 2008 9:18:01 PM

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