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February 17, 2008

"Excuse Me, Coming Through"

Mariewillbike1 What could possibly be better than watching your child take his first bike ride?  I found something; taking your first bike ride with a grandchild. 

I was delighted to see Will navigate his little Trek "Mountain Cub" with such determination. (wonder where that comes from).  He had only borrowed one of his friends bikes the week before to practice at the park.  He doesn't care that the bike came from a garage sale for $15.00.  It's a Trek and that is the same make as Gran Marie rides.  I told him to keep riding and maybe in 6 months there would be a new bike to learn about and grow into.  One for Jackie too; currently Jack is riding Will's old Batman bike with training wheels.

So we made the outing a lesson.  We learned how to cross the street by walking our bike making sure everyone can see us before stepping into the crosswalk.  We practiced courtesy while passing pedestrians.  I cautioned Will to pass them on the left.  "Do you know which side is the left?' I asked.  "Sure, it's the hand that I write with".  So as we got ready to pass.  He announced very proudly.  "Excuse me, little boy coming through on a bike with his Grandma."  I was laughing as the couple we passed said to me, "You better not let him get ahead of you" 

So my hope is that the boys will always remember the day at the park and many more to come.  The Grandma With The Bicycle, and all that implies will remind them of Fun, Health, Love and Memories.  By the way, notice the Shrek Jersey; the boys loved their surprise.

Come Ride With Me.


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