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February 25, 2008

"My First"

Bottom1 I made the trip to experience my "First" bicycle event, the Tour of California.  While we had rain here all weekend, and I was armed with very little information about the event, I decided to visit the "Santa Clarita Event Day" as this had less chance for rain.  It seems like nothing is easy but I got there, and while waiting for the event to begin I ran into our Trek representative for the men's bicycles.  I saw some vendors set up, a stage etc.  turns out I wasn't even in the right place.  By the time I found my way around to the correct location / The Finish Line; there were so many people I could barely see what was going on.   What did I learn?

  • Next time I'll travel with a "veteran"   
  • The Tour of California is getting more popular every year
  • Find more events to participate in to become a "veteran"
  • Don't be discouraged, keep getting out there
  • I'm not invisible, but this is a high profile event
  • More stuff to learn about; including myself
  • Build a stronger support group 

Do I sound a little down?  I am, so somehow I need to turn the page, move on to what's on tap for tomorrow, and get started on the next poject.  Tee Hee

Come Ride With Me 


If everything always went perfectly, life would be dull and we wouldn't appreciate it when we do land in the right place at the right time... but yea, it does make one think about making grandiose plans ;) Prob'ly better to find out with an event like this than something you've invested a lot into.

Posted by: Sue | Feb 25, 2008 5:30:12 PM

Thanks, by the end of today I certainly feel less "dingy". I will delve deeper into the Information Highway next time. I have no where to go but up; isn't it a great place to be.

Posted by: Trek Sister Marie | Feb 25, 2008 5:48:14 PM

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