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February 28, 2008

Think, Think, Think

Images18 One of the issues on the top of my list is Safety.  Whenever I am planning to go anywhere, this seems to be in the forefront of my thoughts.  The grocery store, to and from work, errands etc; I always look around, check out the car and watch for people around me.  Not only am I looking out for unsafe situations, I am also looking out for safe situations.  I want to know in my mind that I have a plan "B" to switch to if something goes wrong.  Maybe it's the Girl Scout in me but it never hurts to be prepared,

Now that I am riding a bike I am very aware of "Bicycle Safety"  You can wear the gear, hats, gloves, shoes, clothing, etc. but it's important to know Where you are riding.  Stay with familiar places and conditions that you are sure you can maneuver.  I prefer to ride with company or at least one other person, plus it's very social, but if that is not possible I am never far from someone.  I stick to populated, familiar areas and ride in the daylight.  Sure it restricts me but if I need a ride and the conditions are not right, I go to the gym.   Please feel free to share additional tips that I might have forgotten.  This is the start of the real bicycle season and everyone needs to be informed as much as possible.

Come Ride With Me.      


KNowing how to use a cell phone as a camera can be handy... and just remembering to carry it, in easy access, fully charged. (Reaching for where I left mine charging under the desk last night...)

Posted by: Sue | Feb 28, 2008 2:18:02 PM

Excellent, I do carry my phone but neve thought of the camera angle. Thank you for mentioning that one Sue.


Posted by: Trek Sister Marie | Feb 28, 2008 2:57:55 PM

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