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February 13, 2008

Is it Possible?

Images15_2 Is is possible to die from a broken heart?  As much as I try not to link Valentines Day to my late husbands passing, it happens because that is the day he was laid to rest.  It's been a tough road for me during these last five years and although I don't speak of it too often, I am professing this to you for one reason.  Yes you can die from a broken heart but it doesn't have to happen that way.  I use this day as a reminder to accomplish something great that I can be proud of and to do something with myself during this week that gives joy and meaning to my life.  When some of the WWR girls decided to mark the day with a challenge, I jumped on the bandwagon.  As I see it, it's not how many miles or how many hours, it's about why we do it.

I just finished e-mailing coach Mary about my preparation for tomorrow's "Crush" and I thought I would share part of it with you.  I have my nutrition ready, I have a few clothing changes ready, the I-Pod is charged, there is air in my tires, I have a journal in hand and I have been resting for two days.  I am both nervous and excited so whatever happens, happens.  I agree that any time I spend on the bike is a good challenge and I always try to celebrate whatever I can accomplish.  I will take away the knowledge and know that whatever I complete, I can just add to, for the next time.  Thanks for your support. 

Ladies and Gentlemen and all who are accepting a challenge on 2-14-08, good luck and know that just getting out of bed some days is a challenge but it's also a Victory.

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