Trek Women
February 20, 2008

"The Warrior"

Kits_043 During this week, especially in California we see every newscast telling a story about abuse to cows at a meat packing plant in Chino, California; about 15 miles from my home base.  This has caused one of the biggest meat recalls in our history.  I sicken as I wonder how a human being can abuse a beautiful, gentle animal such as a cow.  They stripped them of their dignity and their creature spirit.  I won't go into details, but if you saw any of the clips, it was just disgusting and disturbing.  When someone says, "I don't think I can eat any more beef". I remind them that there just might be inequities with turkeys, chickens and the like.  I am not a vegetarian, although I don't eat much meat anymore.  But I do believe in Karma and feel that every animal abuser has his day. 

On Valentines Day, when I was working on my challenge, I was unaware that "The Warrior" was starting his new life on the Other Side where he will be waiting for all his friends.  For most of us, in this lifetime or any other, the most difficult moments of our lives stem from the loss of a family member.  If you are an animal lover like me, the loss of a beloved pet is as devastating as the loss of a person.  I want to dedicate today's blog to my bicycle Guru, Bruce's beloved pet, "Trouble", known to the immediate family as the "Warrior".  He was a very good boy and a wonderful companion.  When all our dogs were together, he was the spokesman for the group.

Trouble, we will see you again someday.  Go strut your stuff little guy; run and play and watch over all of us. 



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