Trek Women
February 21, 2008

"My Two Cents Too"

Levi1 I just don't get it.  With the many sports figures holding press conferences claiming innocence about doping, lying and insulting our intelligence, the most important thing the public needs right now is a good Role Model

My Trek sisters, Susan, Laura and Jen have done a good job on their blogs, explaining the story of "Let Levi Ride"; no need for me to repeat everything here.  If you need further details click on this link to read more.  Here is a chance for you to speak up and keep our young athletes in the spotlight where they belong.

I have my opinions on this subject and I can get going on this stuff and have a difficult time stopping.  Instead of me doing that within this forum, please let your voice be heard where it will do some good.  That's what I did.

Come Ride With Me


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