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April 30, 2008

My First Blogs

20070806121527867_0007_2  I have had some really nice conversations with Coach Mary Daubert in the past few weeks.  Because of a few issues in my life that have taken a strange turn, I began to question if I could stay on track; and, I continue to be a skeptic about completing the challenges I set out to do.  I am here to admit that it's a scary thing for me to go riding with another person.  I am terrified to make a mistake and look stupid.  Do they have bicycle psychologists for this kind of disorder?    I do it because I know that is the only way I will improve my self confidence.  This is one of my major hurdles. 

Sometimes is takes someone standing in a different corner to see what I cannot see in a mirror.   Mary suggested that I read my first blogs and see just what I have accomplished.

Within the last two weeks I have been presented with challenges I didn't ask for,  (What's new to all of us, right!).  There was a great tool that was on my very own little laptop; I went back and read my first blogs.  A year ago I didn't know anything about bicycles and thanks to all my friends, I have learned quite a bit in a year.  Sometimes it pays to look back from time to time to see that winding road behind us.   I'm learning to love this sport although it's a slow process.  I know it will take me forward for years to come.  I'm ready to start again.

Come Ride With Me. 

April 30, 2008

Seniors On Bikes

Dsc000342alaine1 This is my Sister Alaine and one of her friends, Clarence.  I thought it would be good this week to show another demographic of bicycle riders.  Senior riders that are not competing but that use the bicycle for health, fitness and fun.  (They were allowed to remove their helmets for the photo opportunity.)

Alaine and Clarence are both retired and barely have any extra time to fit another activity into their schedule.  They are both fit and one of their activities that they share is riding their bicycles along the American River in Sacramento.  My sister has always been an active volunteer in several charities including the "Make A Wish Foundation" and the "S.P.C.A."   Clarence is a retired Professional Engineer.  He also shares time with his children on the East Coast.


Dsc000331clarence1 When I visited Sacramento in March, I was quite aware, as I always am now at this point, how many people were riding bikes in her town.    All kinds, all types, all ages.  She was taking in her bike for a tune up so we visited the local Trek dealer and spoke to them about many issues.  She has recovered beautifully from her back surgery and will now use the bike as a comfortable form of exercise to stay "Well"

Clarence, is in his mid 70"s (I hope he  doesn't mind me saying so) and is enjoying his bicycle as well.  He is talking about getting a trainer like mine to use indoors during the cold weather months.  Isn't the scenery beautiful.

By the way, thank you to everyone for your support this past week.

Come Ride With Me.

April 28, 2008

"Molly" 1998-2008

Picture_007 I know this is very sad for people to read  about but please indulge me for a few sentences. 

My dear sweet companion Molly passed away this weekend and I want everyone to know that she gave me unconditional love and protection for over 10 years; and the last five of those years we helped each other to fill a big hole in our life together.  I am trusting that my heart can once again adjust to another heartbreak, and the space left behind in my life. 

I know it will take some time but I also know that somehow life seems to go on and there are new things to learn about tomorrow.  Please give me a few days to get my act together and I'll be back on track soon.    

"Sweet Molly, I know you will find your way home and be able to run and play once again with your family. Thank you for being my sweet blog helper. I'm missing you so much already."    Love, Mom

April 25, 2008

In Just a Few Hours

21dz9whrgl_sx130_sy165_1 All is well in Orange County, California.  The weekend will start in just a few hours and my time is already scheduled.  One of the things I need to work on this weekend is really paying attention to the effects of the heart rate monitor and how it correlates to my exercise; indoors and outside.  My dear sweet, patient coach Mary and I have shared discussions this week about my training and she has given me several issues to test out and address.  Because I am scheduled to ride tomorrow morning on the mountain bike I will wear the gear and take some notes, hoping it will help me to understand some of the reasons I still get out of breath when I am riding.  I already found out the answer to part of that from Mary.  When you are dehydrated you heart beats faster.  I need to remind myself to keep taking in water AND learn how to drink my liquids while I am in motion on the bike.  Oh boy, more things on my practice list. 

This week I also attended my first class session, along with daughter Gina regarding Diabetes nutrition education.  It seems there are many things I should have looked into before now that would explain how I have been feeling.  Exercise coupled with Diabetes can profoundly affect your well being and recovery after a ride.  Just when I think I had all the answers, along comes a whole new set of questions.  Do we ever stop learning about ourselves?  I hope not

Come Ride With Me.   

April 23, 2008

Hello Ladies

4411e54a2bf919ab10fda4e629c9f01 Hello Ladies, Molly here!

We are putting out an inquiry today to see if there are any of you out there that are interested in participating in the Danskin Triathlon in June,  This particular competition will be in the Anaheim, Orange County, California area.  If you have already joined or have participated in a previous Tri, I would love to hear about your experiences.

Please check out the Danskin website and read about this great event.  Trek is a sponsor for all the Danskin events and they participate quite actively.  There are individual competitions and relay teams that you can sign up for.  Feel free to contact us and we might be able to provide you with more information and or make a connection for you to answer questions or help you to participate on a team.   Several of the "Women Who Ride will be participating across the country and I know we cannot wait to get out to the event location to connect with many of you great women.  This will be Mom's first time participating in a relay and I am trying to help her with the blog,so she can get her act together to step up her training.

Come Ride With Mom

April 22, 2008

"The Twins"

The_twins_006_2 One of my All Time favorite sayings is:  You have your family you are born with and you have your family you create for yourself.  This somewhat of a "mantra' has comforted me through many years of disapointment and joy and I will continue to apply the theory whenever I need comfort and joy to fill up gaps in my life.  so, that said;

Here they are; aren't they adorable.  Just like paternal twins the mountain bike is much beefier than the road bike.  They have both been out in public for their first ride and today the weather is so nice they wanted to breathe in some "Earth Day".

Both babies are quite shy and a little aprehensive of their new passenger, but just like always we will work things out on our own and become a great family.  That's what it's all about.

Saturday I will take a class about Mountain Bikes with a bunch of little kids.  They will probably have all sorts of stuff that I will learn from their experiences.  I have had endless dialogue with Mary Daubert (Coach Mary) about the road bike, and she is mapping out a 12 week program for me to prepare for the Lance Armstrong Challenge in July.  (no matter how far I travel on that day it will be a victory)  So stay tuned for more Midnight Confessionals and I'll keep you posted on my fears, joy's and mistakes; sometimes Big Ones.

Come Ride With Me.

April 20, 2008

We "Walk" Because We Can

Picture_003 Saturday I joined my daughter Gina and her son Will to participate in a Walkathon.   Will is sitting on the statue lap of John Greenleaf Whitter.  And this beautiful artwork in located in Whittier's Central Park. Picture_004

This is the 12th annual 5k fitness walk for the Shelter's Right Hand to benefit the Women's and Children's Crisis Shelter.  The walkathon helps to support the end to domestic violence and to create awareness of a safe place in the community where women can get help.  I feel that it is important for people to be aware of all the good work that is being done to help people in need. 

Picture_006 Notice I am wearing my Dream Bikes t-shirt which is another good project to get people on bicycles within their means.  There are a lot of good projects in our communities; take the time to investigate, and perhaps get a little exercise in as a bonus.  We were pround of Will because he did the walk and was able to walk another mile back to the car.  He is only 6 but I think he is on the fitness path.

On the same firness note, I am very proud of my daughter Gina who was diagnosed with Diabetes this week.  Although she has made some big progress on her long term fitness goals, she handled this setback like a trooper and it's only going to make her persevere with more ambition.  The whole family is making healthy choices, including the boys.  Today is a way to celebrate, with a walk in the sunshine.  Gina would like to join her sister and I in next year's Danskin Triathlon by being our relay swimmer.  She was on the varsity swim team in high school and is determined to get back to the place of her own design.  I promised to support her with her goal and we are going to support each other with our diabetes training by taking classes at the hospital.  Take a look out there and see how you can support someone and make them feel good about the challenges that they are facing; people need support not lectures.  It will make you feel very empowered in the right way. 

Come Ride With Me

April 16, 2008

"We found Christy"

Img_72891 I received a long letter today from Christy.  If you recall we featured her as a guest with an interest in bicycling.  Here is what happened.  Her husband got a great job offer and they moved from her lifelong home in Colorado to North Bend Washington.  What a change don't you think?  I told her that it will be a great experience for her and to enjoy the special time together with her husband. 

She went on to tell me that since this move took place within such a small window of opportunity, she decided to leave her Trek bike behind with her nephew, and he is in 7th heaven learning about independence. 

FABULOUS...Now she can go out and look for a new bike and she has already paid a visit to the Trek dealer, Singletrack Cycles.  Christy tells me that they are really promoting the WSD program and will let her test ride the bikes, Of course they will.

So as soon as they get moved from temporary headquarters, she is going to get back on track, or path or trail and keep us posted on her equipment choices.  By the way, Christy is my "Niece", and, I am so proud and happy that she has chosen to keep in touch with me even though her Uncle Cliff has passed.  Thanks for the friendship Christy because we share a lot of "stuff".

Come Ride With Me.

April 14, 2008

I always remember the 1st time

Pilot52wsd_pearlpink1_2 Sunday, Guru Bruce and I went to the Bike Trail so I could try out my road bike, for the first time OFF the trainer.  According to "Guru" I am at a tremendous learning curve right now.  I am glad he went along because when I get stressed either physically or mentally, he can calm me down by talking me through the process. 

First of all, we were riding on an asphalt bike trail about 5 miles from Anaheim, Ca, the hottest (100 degrees) place in the nation yesterday. 

  • The hydration process is very important and I learned you must start this prior to the ride.  "Guru" even had me turn off the air conditioner, open the windows and acclimate to the heat on our way to the trail.      
  • I managed to get a pretty bad sunburn on my back; yes I was wearing a jersey and I burned right through the fabric.  I will use sunblock in the future.
  • Practiced using the new type gears that are on the brakes.  By eliminating the number system, I am learning to go by feel which is much easier for me.
  • The thing that had the biggest impact on me was starting out too fast.  I didn't want him to think I was a weakling.  Next time I will start out slow and pace myself so I can get comfortable and enjoy the ride for a longer period. 
  • Bruce is a tough teacher because he let's me make my mistakes.  He knows I listen but I wouldn't always think it through the same way as actually putting suggestions into practice. 

I look forward to next weekend so I can apply my lessons learned the best way.

Come Ride With Me.

April 14, 2008

"Molly" to the rescue

January_trek_meeting_045_2 Molly has been slowing down these days and she is board.  She is 10 years old now and has arthritis in her front shoulders.  She is somewhat depressed and has confided in me that she hates it when she becomes "Wendy Whiner"  So we talked more and since her exercise is limited to when she feels like walking,  I have decided she needs something to occupy her time, other that watching television.  All of us "Seniors" need to feel important and she is no exception.

Here is what we decided to do.  I need someone that can pitch in and help with some of my paperwork and administrative tasks and "M" has happily agreed to become my assistant.  What a win, win idea.

4411e54a2bf919ab10fda4e629c9f01 From time to time you will hear from her putting out information looking for answers and so forth.  If you want to direct questions to her, it will make her feel very important.  She will be working from her home office.

My gosh, I loaned her my glasses, got her a steno pad (she is from the old school) and look, she has turned into an "Animal" with a purpose.

Come Ride With Me.