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April 25, 2008

In Just a Few Hours

21dz9whrgl_sx130_sy165_1 All is well in Orange County, California.  The weekend will start in just a few hours and my time is already scheduled.  One of the things I need to work on this weekend is really paying attention to the effects of the heart rate monitor and how it correlates to my exercise; indoors and outside.  My dear sweet, patient coach Mary and I have shared discussions this week about my training and she has given me several issues to test out and address.  Because I am scheduled to ride tomorrow morning on the mountain bike I will wear the gear and take some notes, hoping it will help me to understand some of the reasons I still get out of breath when I am riding.  I already found out the answer to part of that from Mary.  When you are dehydrated you heart beats faster.  I need to remind myself to keep taking in water AND learn how to drink my liquids while I am in motion on the bike.  Oh boy, more things on my practice list. 

This week I also attended my first class session, along with daughter Gina regarding Diabetes nutrition education.  It seems there are many things I should have looked into before now that would explain how I have been feeling.  Exercise coupled with Diabetes can profoundly affect your well being and recovery after a ride.  Just when I think I had all the answers, along comes a whole new set of questions.  Do we ever stop learning about ourselves?  I hope not

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