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April 30, 2008

Seniors On Bikes

Dsc000342alaine1 This is my Sister Alaine and one of her friends, Clarence.  I thought it would be good this week to show another demographic of bicycle riders.  Senior riders that are not competing but that use the bicycle for health, fitness and fun.  (They were allowed to remove their helmets for the photo opportunity.)

Alaine and Clarence are both retired and barely have any extra time to fit another activity into their schedule.  They are both fit and one of their activities that they share is riding their bicycles along the American River in Sacramento.  My sister has always been an active volunteer in several charities including the "Make A Wish Foundation" and the "S.P.C.A."   Clarence is a retired Professional Engineer.  He also shares time with his children on the East Coast.


Dsc000331clarence1 When I visited Sacramento in March, I was quite aware, as I always am now at this point, how many people were riding bikes in her town.    All kinds, all types, all ages.  She was taking in her bike for a tune up so we visited the local Trek dealer and spoke to them about many issues.  She has recovered beautifully from her back surgery and will now use the bike as a comfortable form of exercise to stay "Well"

Clarence, is in his mid 70"s (I hope he  doesn't mind me saying so) and is enjoying his bicycle as well.  He is talking about getting a trainer like mine to use indoors during the cold weather months.  Isn't the scenery beautiful.

By the way, thank you to everyone for your support this past week.

Come Ride With Me.


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