Trek Women
April 16, 2008

"We found Christy"

Img_72891 I received a long letter today from Christy.  If you recall we featured her as a guest with an interest in bicycling.  Here is what happened.  Her husband got a great job offer and they moved from her lifelong home in Colorado to North Bend Washington.  What a change don't you think?  I told her that it will be a great experience for her and to enjoy the special time together with her husband. 

She went on to tell me that since this move took place within such a small window of opportunity, she decided to leave her Trek bike behind with her nephew, and he is in 7th heaven learning about independence. 

FABULOUS...Now she can go out and look for a new bike and she has already paid a visit to the Trek dealer, Singletrack Cycles.  Christy tells me that they are really promoting the WSD program and will let her test ride the bikes, Of course they will.

So as soon as they get moved from temporary headquarters, she is going to get back on track, or path or trail and keep us posted on her equipment choices.  By the way, Christy is my "Niece", and, I am so proud and happy that she has chosen to keep in touch with me even though her Uncle Cliff has passed.  Thanks for the friendship Christy because we share a lot of "stuff".

Come Ride With Me.


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