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April 20, 2008

We "Walk" Because We Can

Picture_003 Saturday I joined my daughter Gina and her son Will to participate in a Walkathon.   Will is sitting on the statue lap of John Greenleaf Whitter.  And this beautiful artwork in located in Whittier's Central Park. Picture_004

This is the 12th annual 5k fitness walk for the Shelter's Right Hand to benefit the Women's and Children's Crisis Shelter.  The walkathon helps to support the end to domestic violence and to create awareness of a safe place in the community where women can get help.  I feel that it is important for people to be aware of all the good work that is being done to help people in need. 

Picture_006 Notice I am wearing my Dream Bikes t-shirt which is another good project to get people on bicycles within their means.  There are a lot of good projects in our communities; take the time to investigate, and perhaps get a little exercise in as a bonus.  We were pround of Will because he did the walk and was able to walk another mile back to the car.  He is only 6 but I think he is on the fitness path.

On the same firness note, I am very proud of my daughter Gina who was diagnosed with Diabetes this week.  Although she has made some big progress on her long term fitness goals, she handled this setback like a trooper and it's only going to make her persevere with more ambition.  The whole family is making healthy choices, including the boys.  Today is a way to celebrate, with a walk in the sunshine.  Gina would like to join her sister and I in next year's Danskin Triathlon by being our relay swimmer.  She was on the varsity swim team in high school and is determined to get back to the place of her own design.  I promised to support her with her goal and we are going to support each other with our diabetes training by taking classes at the hospital.  Take a look out there and see how you can support someone and make them feel good about the challenges that they are facing; people need support not lectures.  It will make you feel very empowered in the right way. 

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