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May 30, 2008

More Tire Issues

Broken_bikes I removed my front wheel from the girlie twin road bike and walked into the bike store for a discussion.  I wasn't looking for something I wanted to hear.  I was looking for an answer that made sense to me.  I want to purchase new tires and tubes before I find my way to San Jose for the Lance Armstrong Challenge. 

Then, I learned that the tire for the tube I just replaced was damaged, hence the flat.  They explained to me that I should replace the actual tire because of wear on the side that would eventually start to "bubble".  Not sure how the side of the tire would wear but probably from rubbing against other tires in transport, the bike has an assorted past.  OK, I'll have to complete my research another day.  I wanted to ride the next day and so I took care of first things first.  New tire, new tube on the front and spare tube in my bike bag.

I did discuss this, that and the other about tires with Mr. Bike shop man, and I will pay a few other visits to other dealers to gather more information and insight about tires.  I'll let you know what I learn, any comments, feel free to make your suggestions.  By the way more stories to come...

I have a new lady that found me on the site and will come ride with me.  Also, I want to tell you about my "hill practice" it was great.

Come Ride With Me.   

May 28, 2008

I'll Find a Way, I always do

Cayucos_153_3 Coach May and I have been holding court about the Century Ride that I want to accomplish in July.  She has reminded me of a saying:  "You don't have to run a marathon to prepare for a marathon". and it is the same in this case.  I also remember a friend of mine telling me about a man that trained for the century "Exclusively" on an indoor trainer. 

According to Mary, if I can get in 2 or 3 long rides over the next month and the rest of the time doing shorter more intense workouts (45 to 90 minutes, I should be able to cope.  I need to start at a comfortable pace (I think I learned that lesson) and start drinking liquids after 10 minutes; after 45 minutes to an hour, start to fuel.  Mary also suggests that when I stop to drink or fuel, keep moving and don't sit down. Use my heart rate monitor at least in the beginning to make sure I keep my Target Zone in 1 or 2.  This should keep me from going too hard in the beginning.  She wants me to keep it intense to get the greatest benefit from my workouts.   I am also getting more comfortable to ride in TZ3 which means my body is adapting and that my fitness has improved.  So, to re-cap,   

  • Stay fueled
  • Keep hydrated
  • Don't stop moving
  • Oh this should be #1 on the list;  Find some bicycle pants that keep me comfortable
  • I'll take any and all suggestions to the above.

I wish I had someone to accompany me on a few long rides, but I'll be out their regardless.  I did find a park with some nice hills that can provide a good setting to train on, and is a safe environment.  I can stop there after work and I will use that for the 45-90 minute workouts that will offer the strength aspect I need. I'll be sure to tell you what I have accomplished.  Keep in mind this is a "plan".

Come Ride With Me

May 27, 2008

"Who We Really Are" part 2

Cambria_005It's not who we are that holds us back; it's who we think we're not.  I've really been thinking about this and find that my mind set is starting to change.   This journey of mine is moving along slowly; well maybe not so slow but rather in slow motion.  I wonder sometimes if I will step up the pace, but I am not sure that I am the one that is in control of that.  Here is the's not so much my body as my mind that needs to kick in. 

We all have different levels of confidence and why do you suppose that is.  Some of it is in our environment and some of it is our breeding.   We all grew up in different environments and our parents are all from different backgrounds.  Additionally we are from different generations.  Thank goodness the children of today are disciplined by reasoning and words,  In our day it was the hair brush; what the heck did that accomplish, but make a child feel degraded.  In our day when it came time to pick a profession, it was an image thing rather than what came naturally.  In our day if you were not married with children by 19 or 20 years, you were going to miss the boat and it would never come around this way again.  No wonder we were all rebelling in the 60's and 70's because we wanted to go back and Re-do some of our choices.  We need to forget about all that, leave the baggage behind and embrace it all as lessons learned. 

I am pressing onward in my second childhood and learning to rethink everything; it's just going to take some time.  The only thing I am packing for the journey is my wisdom and spirit.  I need to abandon all the insecurities of the past.

Come Ride With Me   

May 27, 2008

"Who We Really Are"

It's not who we are that holds us back, it’s who we think we’re not.” 

May 25, 2008

"Speed Racer"

Wills_birthday_001 We are celebrating a different kind of "Speed Racer" this time.  Will Bove celebrated his 7th birthday today by taking his classmates to see the entertaining new movie, and then a walk up the street to the hot new hangout in town, "The Milky Spoon".

This was a new way to celebrate a birthday party, and kind of a healthier alternative; A Cereal Bar.  It was a cloudy day in Southern California but Will brought sunshine into the day for all his guests.  If you notice in the picture, he even wanted to dress the part of Speed Racer to draw everyone into the celebration.  Very cute.

Quite often my grandsons celebrate their birthday with a movie for their friends and my daughter Gina, as an educator herself, carefully researches the movies to make sure they are appropriate for the children.  She did a good job this time but without seeing the movie first hand, you cannot anticipate every scene.  We had one moment when we looked at each other with our mouths hanging open and the children caught the moment too.  We won't even go there, and that was probably the smart thing to do.  It was a good day and it gave me some comic relief. 

Come Ride With Me.      

May 22, 2008

Conquering the Hill

Thumbnail7 I'm getting there and I am so lucky to have people coming out of the woodwork to help me.  I don't know, I suppose I was resisting before because I was afraid to fail and disappoint my closest pals.  One day came, and out of the blue, a lot of that fear just went away, or someone made it go away.

Here is an interesting example: When I went out with my friends last weekend I was anticipating the Re-Do of the hill.  It's a big hill you decline as you start your ride and you have to get back up there to finish.  First of all as we descended this hill that I have been dreading, I thought, what the hell happened to the hill?  Did they bulldoze it or my goodness, maybe it wasn't as giant as I had made it up to be in  my mind.  Look what fear can create in your mind.  Somehow, I thought I would have trouble even walking up this hill.  So, as you can imagine my ride began with a big sigh of relief.  I had several times during the ride to practice gearing correctly in order to prepare for the hill as we returned.  I had my gear in the smallest cog in the front and the largest cog in the back.  My mentor was riding next to me to make sure it was all in the correct position as I proceeded up the hill.  One more thing he taught me was to take a quick, (a very quick) glance down to look at the gears to learn how they should look when I am riding alone. (I think it's harder to learn to ride a bike than it was for me to drive a car.) By the way I flunked the first try for my license. Now I've been driving for 45 years and I expect the same for the bike.

This hill was a major victory because I have been anticipating the unknown in these upcoming summer events.  I am getting more confident now and I can get refocused on my journey through my summer goals. 

Come Ride With Me       

May 21, 2008

Thy Will...Be Done

New_tire I have a tire that has been removed from the bicycle; that was the easy part because I was already shown how to do this on one of my other bikes.  by the way, I tried to pump up the tire and that was out of the question, no air would go into the tube.  I don't know, I'll have to wait until I can find a friend to ask about that issue.  According to the book, I inserted the first lever in line with a spoke, and the second one about three inches away from the first.  I proceeded to remove one side of the tire from the rim, Then,

Removed the tube, carefully ran my hand around the inside of the tire to inspect for the culprit area, blew some air in the new tube and took a few deep breaths myself. I then decided to move the operation out to the garage because the lighting was better.  I pumped some air in the tube and proceeded to put it back on the rim. I DID IT.  I fixed my own flat.  I even took it for a test ride around the neighborhood and all seems well.  What I did notice is that there were some areas on the side of the tire that were worn.  Andrew Scherf and I were discussing tires today and he gave me some info to take along to the bike shop.  I think I will purchase new tires before I find my way to San Jose.  Well, don't I feel like a "Smarty", your darn right I do.  I'm on my way up that learning curve. By the way, I also leveled my saddle. ...chuckle...Love that "Ride Guide" ladies, you get one when you join the Trek Women Who Ride Club, along with a whole box of goodies.

Come Ride With Me.

May 20, 2008

My "First" Flat

Images9 When I returned home from my ride and was unloading the bike, I was kind of surprised to discover that my front tire was flat.  Hmmm.  Oh well, let me give this some thought... Tomorrow. 

It's Now Tomorrow:  and I need to address this issue so I can be ready to ride again.  First of all I think I am glad it's the front tire because that wheel might be easier to remove.  Just in case...I am going to pump up my tire with air to make sure it was really flat, well it is really flat right now, but I mean, I want to make sure the leak has nothing to do with a defective "Valve" or something like that.    Anyway that will give me time to set up my work area, gather up my utensils or tools or whatever they are called and get out my trusty "WSD-Women Who Ride Handbook".  Krista, I am one for sure that uses that book! 

I am determined to give this a try and feel that it's just another right of passage in order to earn another "Merit Badge"  Let see, maybe I'll start with a list.

  • Lay out a sheet on the living room floor, the same one I use when I dye my hair
  • Remove the tire from the bike, Oh Gawd, I think this one has a "quick release"
  • What the heck did I do with that "Manual"?
  • Find some soothing background music
  • Under no circumstances should I pour a glass of wine, yet...
  • Turn on the air conditioner just in case stress causes a hot flash
  • Make sure my speed dial contains the bike shop number as well as other support
  • Let's wait one more day so I can discuss this with the guys at the office,(My pit crew)

I don't want to rush this. 

May 19, 2008

Come Ride With Us

Dscn1344 Got a message through the grapevine that Doreen and her friends were riding on Saturday and she said "Come Ride With Us! "Absolutely I would, I would love to." 

With the exception of Doreen, these were all new faces to me.  As a once painfully shy person, I embrace the now "Meet and Greet" because it gives me the opportunity to talk to new acquaintences and find that we are all so very much alike.  This is a goup of friends and neighbors that have known each other for a long time as well as a few more in the mix that also participate on the rides.  We have decided to get together on a regular basis and a few of us are going to get on our Mountain Bikes and go in another direction sometime soon.   More adventures at 60. 

Thanks Doreen, Cathy, Tina Chuck and Paul, I have picked up some new tips and enjoyed conversation with each and every one of you.  What did we talk about; "One World Two Wheels", healthy ageing, childhood obesity, customized bikes, Gearing up a hill ( my next story will elaborate on that) Nursing studies and the healthy image nurses can/should project, our children, sunscreen housekeeping and oh yes Nuclear Power.  I look forward to our next visit. 

My next stories will show more insights into my ride including Conquering the Hill with my gears and My First Flat Tire, that I discovered upon returning home.  Thank goodness the first flat is finally out of the way, now I won't obsess over that anymore. 

Come Ride With Me

May 16, 2008

Speed vs. Endurance

Tortise_and_the_hare_4 What the heck is this all about?  Is one better than the other, and why can't we have both?  Why should speed be against endurance?  Maybe they mean we need to pair the two together rather than pit them against each other.  working together, complimenting each other, what a novel concept.

I know that I got a smattering of that when I rode in 100-degree heat one Sunday afternoon.  I have learned through coaching and medical training that if blood sugar is low, which happens with dehydration and exertion, that I can become confused, dizzy and even irritable and these are danger signs. I know now that there are ways to manage that and I will, and have taken steps to fend that off in the future.  I am glad I am experiencing these lessons now, even though some of them come with a hefty price to pay.  I do know that when I am on an extended ride in the future, I will be prepared as best I can be.  I now have made room in my little bike bag for glucose tablets.

Some other things I was thinking about regarding Speed vs. Endurance; I suppose the classic tale drives home the fact that the one that rushes to be a show off usually is not the better planner.  The tortoise of sorts keeps plugging along, knowing his limitations, and masters his own goals in the long run.

Remember too that we never get younger and things basically never get physically easier for us.  So, don't keep putting off what you can accomplish today, OR, don't wait too long to fulfill your dreams, hopes and goals.  By the time you get there, you want to be able to enjoy what you have accomplished.  Who is this message for???   I wrote this for me but I hope others will take the message to heart.

Come Ride With Me.