Trek Women
June 30, 2008


Bike_riding_003 I managed to get another ride into the schedule this week, and it just worked out that Kathryn and Joy were available too.  Finally; I have been nudging them along for quite some time now to "Come Ride With Me", but one thing leads to another and it's hard for everyone to clear the same time frame on their schedules.  It was actually much cooler today than we had planned and we were able to get it a short 17 miles before everyone had to take off in different directions.  We are all on different levels with our riding skills, and I find it really cool how we help each other with support.  In a couple of weeks, we will plan another ride leaving from a different location and end at the ocean if at all possible.   

Between now and then I have to solve these flat tire issues.  I was once scared to death of getting a flat tire, not knowing how to change it.  Now that I see just how frequently this happens, I have another fear.  I just don't want to be stranded and yet I hate not being independant out on my bike.  I just cannot keep waiting for someone to come along and accompany me because I'll never get out there as much as I need to.  Please throw out some tidbits of comfort or ideas.  Personally, I think I need a different set of tires on this bike.  I am beginning to think the tires are magnetic or am I magnetic.  Something is attracting the nails and fish hooks.   

Come Ride With Me. 

June 29, 2008

"Are You OK?"

Bike_riding_005 As I ride my bike, I have become very aware of other riders, especially if they look like they need help.  I came across two young girls with their mountain bikes this weekend and one flat tire.  They had no spare but I had my small hand pump and my co2.  Because we were all about 5 miles into our ride, the young girls thought they could get to the beach as long as they had air.  Well, they got air but were convinced that they had a better chance of getting back to the park.  As we were standing along side the path, so many people, went by saying, "Are You OK?"  How nice that they still asked, even though we were working on the problem.  I continued my ride and kept that thought in the back of my mind; just how gracious everyone is.

A short time later as I decided to end my ride and turn around to return the 10 miles back, I felt this thump, thump, thump.  I immediately stopped, looked at my back tire and pajeeze if I didn't have another flat.  Well, I got the "Back" tire off the bike and was starting to remove it from the wheel when a nice young man accompanied by this two children, stopped and said, "Are You OK?".  I said, I think I can do this and I have all the things I need including a tube. He was so pleased that I was prepared, that he said, "Let me help you with this anyway".  He finished up the job and ended up with grease all over his hands. (I need to find room for towelettes)  He thought the co2 was quite cool, so I tried to give it to him as a thank you.  He would not accept, so I offered to take his picture and publish my Thank You on the web site.  As I finished up my ride, I wondered, if I had not stopped to help those young girls, would I have still received this gracious help.  My answer, YOU BET, this guy would stop to help anyone because that's who he is.   Kind Sir, I hope you are reading this and will reply with your name so I can publicly let everyone know who you are.  Thank you so much, once again. 

June 26, 2008

My New Saddle

Whittier_cyclery_pictures_0111 Credit where credit is due.  I am here to thank Whittier Cyclery for their generosity, hosssssspitality, and what else, well, they got me set up in a more comfortable ride, and probably saved me from a dangerous fall. 

Since I had already called them to check out a new saddle, I took my bike in with a flat.  They took me into the workshop to watch the repair and get a little refresher course on changing the back tire.  Robert started going over my bike and found numerous, numerous adjustments that were out of sync on my bike, so bad, they wondered if I had assembled the bike myself.  Not only were the adjustments corrected but I was able to observe and learn about more things to watch out for.   

When I take my car in for  a tune up and pay for that service, I shouldn't have to worry about the state of the repairs; I feel the same way about my bike.  I have learned a valuable lesson here about bike maintenance and how much of your trust you are allowed to impart in that bicycle mechanic.

Darn, I gotta tell you this bicycle journey is quite a Saga, and what do I walk away with, more self confidence to demand that things better be right for me or you will not get my business.  Thank you Robert, for correcting my direction down this path and teaching me to watch out for these potential problems.  You are now my "go to guy".  Robert and his wife both ride Trek bikes and while they love their bikes, they don't mind telling me about a few issues that they would like to see improved.  This is why I am out there in the public, to hear what people have to say.

Come Ride With Me

June 24, 2008

"Find Your Force"

The_forcce I want to introduce you to "Bailey".  Bailey is a friend of mine who is quite a force unto himself.  As you can see, just like Superman's cape, Bailey exhibits courage and power from his Star Wars cape.  He can destroy the likes of sunglasses and cell phones, in mere minutes; he might even hold the record.  My friend Julio from the office sent me this picture and it made me think about an important reminder as I work my way through the week.

Even the best of us get discouraged, tired, pooped, burned out, worn out, and want to check out, at least for a while anyway.  What is it that can turn your day around, a phone call, an e-mail, a picture?  What I find absolutely delightful is that sometimes it can be a very slight image or thought that brings it all together and changes the course of the day.  I have experienced this and find it nearly spiritual.  Even if you throw a little something out there to someone and you don't get a reaction, don't let that discourage you.  You may have received a reaction but won't ever hear about it.

On the days when you are on your own and nothing good seems to be coming your way, how do we keep the Day-to-Day happenings in perspective without letting it get the best of us?  First of all, we need to remember that everything we face in our life is probably not even close to being as tough as others have it.  I think what helps me to press onward is to "Focus".  Focus on any strong image to keep your thoughts together.  If you observe people that are accomplishing monumental tasks, this is what they do.  They become a Force unto themselves and it takes a whole lot to shake them off their course.

For all of you that are facing a big challenge this week; go find your Force, let it surround you with power and protection and feel good about what you accomplish. And Bailey, behave yourself.

Come Ride With Me.

June 20, 2008

"The Actual Event"

Mamo_009 As you might have noticed, I have not rushed forward to tell you that our "Relay" team captured First Place.  While we all got a kick out it and thought it was pretty cool, there was so much going on, so much to see and so many women that touched our hearts; winning took a back seat to everything else.  Here are my observations for Danskin Race Day of which I have, "more than ever", respect for the women who have accomplished the complete Tri. 

First of all, hats off to Trek who generously loans bicycles to women for use in the event.  Tori Broughton and Lindsay Bradley both worked very hard to meet with, and assist anyone that required help.  They are such good representatives to be in the public eye.  I was also inspired by the women that participated with varied challenges and I was touched by the men that stood by their women and helped them complete their dream.  The friendship and fun that is shared together with friends, family and strangers, is contagious and keeps multiplying as the day progresses.   

It was a wonderful experience and I am so happy that I was able to be there.  Many life lessons learned.  What's next?

Come Ride With Me.

June 18, 2008

"Just When?"

Images8 "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, She became a butterfly"- Proverb.  Do you ever see the same numbers show up in your life over and over again?  More often than not, the butterflies come back to visit me over and over again and they are an inspiring reminder to me to forge ahead.   I opened up a book a few days ago and came across this proverb. 

Here is my message for today, just because we are single, we are not alone.  Just because sometimes we are lonely, does not mean that our life is empty.  Look around and find the magic in the day.  Sometimes when I return to my empty house at the end of the day, I get a sad feeling passing through, because I suppose I wonder, "what's next for the rest of the day."  Because of my self taught mind-bending, it's up to me to turn that thought around as quickly as possible.  I am alone because that person that needs to be good enough, has not found me yet.  I had a long conversation with a woman in the gym today who was feeling quite low.  I reminded her of this thought and we talked about it for quite some time.  It's important to work on attracting worthwhile ideas, people and relationships into your life.  Unto that end, we need to be patient.  People will come and go into our lives; embrace them all even when their stay is only temporary. 

I am getting ready for a class reunion in a couple of weeks. (43 years), take note we don't wait any longer for even numbered years, and we are meeting in the afternoon, and those that want to, will keep the party going; at least it's not for a brunch .  I am sending this out to all my "girlfriends" that read my journal.  Let's all meet up and embrace the lives we are living today.  Share stories about our experiences and joys and celebrate the day, I am looking for riding partners.

Come Ride With Me.


June 17, 2008

The Real Winner

Rhonda Here is "Rhonda" from San Diego California. the winner of the Trek Bicycle drawing at the Danskin Triathlon held in Anaheim this weekend.  Receiving her winning information from my relay team member and Danskin organizer for Trek Bicycles; Lindsay Bradley.

Rhonda is such a deserving winner.  She was telling us that she is a breast cancer survivor for 10 years.  She trained and trained to enter last year but was too ill at the last minute.  This year she was ready to "Tri" again, and guess what, she was on a borrowed bicycle because she did not own one.  Well now she does, and I hope to see her again next year if not before, perhaps in San Diego this weekend where there will be a WSD Trek demo visit in her home town.  By the way, I did tell Rhonda that I wanted to feature her in my journal and I hope she likes the picture because its a great way to remember the moment.  Aren't these girls just the best and perfect examples of the Women Who Ride.  Fabulous, both of them.   

So I am on my way to San Diego this weekend to attend the WWR Demo.  Let me know if you want to go along for a visit with our friends "down there", as we say in the long state of California.

Come Ride With Me

June 17, 2008

Mr. Bike Shop

Mr. Bike Shop,

Is it OK to switch the saddle from my Fitness bike to my Pilot road bike? Before I start to dismantle, I thought I would ask.  Still looking for a solution.

Uncomfortable in La Habra

June 16, 2008

"Bragging Rights"

Dscn1392 Saturday my daughter Annie and I participated in the Danskin Expo.  This is where everyone shows up at different times during the day to register and sign their waivers to participate in the Triathlon that will be held the following day.  What a fun time was had by all.  Lines and lines of people are gabbing and sharing previous experiences with the first timers.  Everyone is helping each other write their bib numbers on their bodies with the traditional black markers, and oh yes of course, browsing from booth to booth gathering give-a-way's and clever gadgets.  After that was taken care of I proceeded to help Lindsay with greeting people at the Trek booth.  I enjoyed so much talking to so many people, and was delighted to see how receptive everyone is to the "Women Who Ride Club"; many ladies were already signed up.  What a crowd; I'm not sure how many boxes of ride guides were passed out, but we had the longest line at the expo and it was quite a sight.  Trek had a bicycle on site and a bin full of keys.  Everyone had a chance to try their luck at opening the lock.  The 20 winning keys were then drawn at the end of the day for the big winner of the bike.  I'll submit a picture of the winner later in the week.  I just want to say the winner was very deserving and an inspiring example of her own courage.  As a reminder, the Danskin event is to benefit Breast Cancer research and awareness.   

I have so many thoughts I want to share with you, that it will take at last two more submittals to give you a good overview of the experience.  Let me just leave you with one thought.  The Trek Relay Team has earned some bragging rights.  WooHoo!!! for Lindsay, Annalisa and Marie... 

Come Ride with Me.            

June 13, 2008


Images16 The butterflies have arrived as they always do when I am facing new experiences.  For those of you that have read my story from the beginning, there is a strong link to my life and the butterfly image.   So when the flutters begin, in come the Butterflies to inspire and remind me why I belong to the life I am living; to share the inspiration and help to find the spirit, to accomplish what we want to do. 

This week I have been preparing for my first bike ride in a Danskin Triathlon so I have been mindful of my nutrition intake, hydration and completed the majority of my training early in the week.  I have done my research on the website and have my checklist prepared along with a once over on the bike.  The countdown now begins and I am creating yet another "To take Along" staging area on the living room floor.  Now, it's time to take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the fun.  I'll be taking pictures, meeting with friends and building memories.  Stay tuned for the reports next week.

Come Ride With Me.