Trek Women
July 7, 2008

Can't Go Too Far

Copies_for_kit_075 I can't go too far these days without running into bicycle riders.  This previous week I had my last, yes, last check up in this yearly series which was with the dermatologist.  Because my late husband suffered with the deadly Melanoma this becomes my scariest visit.  But I have been linked with the Advanced Skin Care Med Center in Fullerton California for almost 5 years now so they know me, and I feel at home in their care.

"What's new"? Quint Skipton wanted to know and as I proceeded to talk about being outside a lot more and riding my bicycles. One thing led to another and we were jabbering away about the Trek experience.  I told them how lucky I was to be able to remind people about Cancer awareness and how interesting it is that somehow everything I talk about comes back to my riding.  I missed reminding everyone that May was Skin Cancer month so I promised I would send along the message anyway.  I need just as much of this message as anyone so remember your sunscreen, and protect yourself so you can ride your bike for many years to come.  By the way, I always forget to put lotion on the top of my ears.   

Quint and I discussed riding paths, bicycle models, events, and once again I was so pleased to see how closely all our lives are linked.  They loved hearing about my arrangement with Trek and they loved even more that I was finding a way to be of service to everyone in my own small way.  Guess What, Quint had seen the Trek Demo truck at the Fullerton Loop; he was riding his Mountain Bike.  Maybe sometime we can get a group together and they can show me the ropes out there at the Loop.  I'll post all your pictures on my blog so keep in touch.

Come Ride With Me.



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