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July 21, 2008

"Class Reunion"

Bike_riding_187 Because I have not heard the results of my MRI yet, and in an effort to indulge my doctor just a little, I am taking a Mini Break from riding this weekend and spending my time with friends to catch up and take my mind off the waiting period.  It's funny because I have become one of those people that begins to get grouchy when they cannot ride or exercise.  I am tired of nursing this knee to no avail and so I am "antsy" about getting an answer as to how we can make it better.  ANYWAY... I went to an informal class reunion of about 100+ guests this weekend, and I was surprised how many people approached me about my bicycle riding.  I can thank part of that to my friend Maria who I featured a few months ago about her softball skills.  She is a great communicator and helps to pass around the healthy Mantra. People approached me to discuss how great bicycle riding can be for all of us.  Because of the passing years, many are starting new solo lives and they wanted to discuss how to start again and get involved in new healthy activities.   

We are very lucky in our community of friends to have kept a good connection all these "43" years.  It does take work  and a good team to make these get togethers happen but at the end of the day, we all come away with a feeling of an extended family that will always keep in touch.  By the way we missed the friends that couldn't make it but we will get together soon.  Next on the clipboard, we are beginning to plan a reunion cruise and many fun meetings that it takes to make that happen.  Just a note:  Thank heavens for the Internet and computers.  The one reason we have been so successful with staying in touch.

Come Ride With Me.


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