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July 30, 2008

"This Is My Tattoo"

Dscn1476_2 As I mentioned before, the "Summit" was quite an emotional experience.  Every time we were asked to share our experiences, it seemed to either bring us to tears or we were holding back so hard that it really zapped us.  While at lunch one day, I was feeling pretty low and a young girl came up to me, introduced herself and said, "Marie, I read your blog".  I immediately shifted into overdrive as if I had just downed my favorite Quad, Venti, Skinny, Vanilla Latte.  "Oh my gosh, really, you do; oh my gosh." 

This is Tabitha, she lives in Oklahoma and rode her bike in one of the LA Challenges.  She explained that she related to me because of my learning experiences.  We discussed why I write the way I do, and why I pick my topics and she loves all of them.  Here is something really sweet, she told me that when Molly Dog died, her Dad was reading the blog because he just lost his dog.  Here was this darling young woman standing there, we had chatted for about 5 minutes and we were hugging like relatives.  We had an instant connection that gave me such a burst of energy that I was good to go for the rest of the week.  She will be sending me pictures of her bike, keep me updated on her fun challenges and we will stay in touch through the blog and on our own.

Here is how she fits into the "Clues".  She raised her arm and said, "Here is MY tattoo, I just got it last night."  They were yellow shooting stars in honor of the LIVESTRONG Summit.  Good thing I wasn't with her or I probably would have gotten one too.  This was one of my best days ever; to connect with a stranger, and be appreciated for the work I am trying to accomplish.

Come Ride With Me.


OMG, Marie! We will meet again and have to go get tattooed together! It will be super fun! Thank you for the marvelous introduction! You are the best!

Posted by: Tabitha | Aug 4, 2008 9:53:28 PM

For starters, we can plan to meet at the next Summit. I will send you the picture, and then send me more back. This is grand fun, don't you think?

Posted by: Trek Sister Marie | Aug 5, 2008 1:59:58 PM

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