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August 8, 2008

"A Little Bit Slower"

Cayucos_007  You know, we all have our ups and downs.  Some days we feel really good, probably because we are rested and other days we feel weak and tired.  Sometimes this happens because we are training too hard, sometimes we might have something physical going on with the "Body".  It's all cyclical and I myself have learned to accept these conditions as the new normal.  Try not to let this hold you back.

That being said, my knee is still sore and I have been resting it according to doctors orders.  I am ready after a week to get on my bike and begin to ride again this weekend.  It doesn't have to be a back breaker to be a good ride.  If I can get some fresh air, peace of mind and muster a smile, that is a good ride.  I will take it easy, find  a flat route and do what the doctor recommends.  What does he recommend? Keep Moving.  The bicycle is good even for stiff sore joints because there is no "Impact" as with jogging.     Did I mention that my orthopedic doctor and his wife ride Trek bikes?  We had quite a conversation about WSD and how important it is that the equipment is fit for a woman's body. 

It always pleases me that I never have to travel to far without getting into a conversation about bicycles.  Try it sometime and see how often it occurs.   Have a great weekend.

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