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August 18, 2008

"Employees and Fitness"

Dscn1477 Some months back I wrote about a bike ride I shared with a nursing student.  The point I was making on my journal was that more nurses and doctors need to set a better example about living a healthy life. 

When I was traveling last month, I met a very impressive young man by the name of Andrew Gallardo.  "Andy" is the Program Manager for Employee Fitness at Kaiser Permanente here in Southern California.  This is an impressive website and I hope you take a look.  Get Fit So Cal  is bringing visibility to this very topic of fit doctors and nurses.  When we introduced ourselves to each other I immediately knew that I had to sit down with him to discuss what he is doing.   Andy has an impressive management background but here is what I noticed.  He is a loving husband, daddy of two boys, dedicated to cancer awareness and a cancer survivor.  Now I try not to define people by what they have endured and what I have told you about him only scratches the surface; and all that takes care of itself on a day to day basis.  The point I am trying to drive home is... as full as his plate is,,, he is always thinking about what he can do to help others.  My message for today, there is always time to find someone who needs a few minutes of your time.  Make the time to help and somehow your life will become easier for you too.

I can't wait until Andy sends me a picture of the family on their bicycles.  They all have TREK's.  You will hear more about Andy in future posts as well as my other new friends. 

Come Ride With Me.


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